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Ka-son & Crespo

This months cover by K.K.W,
Central Park, Fuji-film 400
"A union of art"- Ka-son & Crespo. Article & photos by K.K.W

Despite the rise of technology within visual arts (not to mention music, performance art, & almost everything else) traditional forms like painting are still popular, relevant, a great outlet for the emotions of those who create and those who observe it.  

Crespo (left) speaking to their guests. 
Out of this, "Realism" and "Abstract" still hold a great sway; both are the extreme right & left of the art-world. Ka-son & Crespo's exhibition @ 1199SEIU Gallery (310 West 43rd Street) is an excellent example of this. And  the works being of a husband and wife made for a stunning contrast.
"Hear the cry" - detail,  By Crespo.
"Hear the cry", with is powerful colors - bold & primary - and a sense of symbolism, blue like the sky, the vast red-orange shape made me think of a heart. The fluid red color could be blood, which is the life. It stood out from all the rest of her work that evening.

"Gorgoneion" by Crespo
"Gorgoneion" is the hideous made beautiful, intense fluidity, with organized chaos. A seeming mad grin on its face made all the more strange by the hallow darkness for eyes, or lack there of, as well as a nose. The face stares at you, right through you, its features becoming more visible as you stare back just a little uneasy. Its a bit muddled, though what it lacks in traditional form (which the artist may not have been going for) it makes up for in passion. It makes me wonder what was going through her mind when she created this.

Crespo started out working in photography then recently made to switch to painting, which she has the skill and drive for. I certainly think she will go very far with this, and I look forward to seeing more.
Ka-son Reeves.
Ka-son's paintings, working in acrylics and realism, though with a serious sense for symbolism, has a powerful style & technique of its own. With his knowledge of the medium and additives to further control it, his paintings often have the look of smooth oil paintings and touch of a master.
"Mingus, Monk, Blakey and Gillespie playing Jazz" - Detail.
"Mingus, Monk, Blakey and Gillespie playing Jazz" shows a great passion for music with a high respect for past greats. The brush strokes move between smooth and fluid, to impressionistic with an amazing sense of depth, facial expressions, and control of light. Not many artist have such skill with acrylic paint. 
"Legacy of Icarus"
"Legacy of Icarus" is probably one of his best paintings. Highly spiritual, wickedly symbolic, mythological without being blatantly obvious. His control of the paint - damn near perfect, the delicate brushwork and blending giving it a harmonious feel. The hand reaches out yet never touches the feather - symbolic of flight, divinity, the "Gods". In a way, its all so very human, man (in the generic sense) reaching for greatness just painfully out of its grasp, though seems within reach. The eternal yearning of the individual, the collective whole.     
Ka-son speaking with two guest. "hear the cry" by Crespo
in the background (right).

If you would like to know more, go, "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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