Monday, May 22, 2017

Theia Mania

Special post cover by K.K.W. 
Photo courtesy of Dallas Athent [left],
with Maria Pavlovska. 
Photo courtesy of Dallas Athent
Creative collaboration can perch us on a ledge, daring us to leap into moments that may leave our senses reeling.   
Maria Pavlovska [far left], Ronna Lebo [middle] & Dallas Athent [far right].
Photo by K.K.W
And the poetry of Athent with the visual art of Pavlovska, is a potent example of imagination, gritty-intense reflection of reality, along with the self. Athent bares it for the reader with equal amounts raw honesty, insightful observation's and social commentary. Like an introvert opened up or Pandora's box - straight, no chaser.     
Chris Campanioni
Photo by K.K.W
It's in visual contrast and subconscious communication we meet Pavlovska. With dark smears that swirl like somber nimbus formations, or de-oxygenated blood coagulated on virgin canvas or parchment - you can sense a quiet fury. Storm clouds and descriptive text akin to scratchitti, or ancient vandalism made priceless with time, giving modern eyes coded wisdom.     
Anthony Haden
Photo by K.K.W
The combination of Athent and Pavlovska create a potent mix of visual art / poems, feeding into each other, certainly intellectual and intensely visceral. The book launch was an intimate and casual event held in Mrs Pavlovska's studio, at Mana Contemporary in Jersey city sector. Among the guests was poet's Anthony Haden, Prospero Vega [husband of Mrs Pavlovska], Chris Campanioni - all of whom, along with miss Athent, christened the event by reading some there stirring work. The book is published by Anti-Sentimental Society [Ronna Lebo, owner] which is associated with Off The Park Press, whose subsidiary is Black Square Editions [owned by art critic John Yau].
Dallas Athent [left] & Prospero Vega.
Photo by K.K.W
Photo by K.K.W
Prospero Vega
Photo by K.K.W
Dallas Athent
Photo by K.K.W
Cover of the book "Theia Mania"
Mana Contemporary [interior,1st floor].
Photo by K.K.W
If you would like to know more, or purchase a copy of the book, contact 'Art is the reason, art is the way' 


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