Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Foreign publication of photos

The Article is an interview by Ana Piponska,
with photos by Kerwin K Williamson(K.K.W)

The Artist being interviewed is Maria Pavlovska,
From Macedonia, living and working in N.Y.C

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sanja Velickovic: Fashion Designer

Sanja Velickovic.
Sanja's dresses are stunning and stylish due to her use of the fabric's, intricate seams, and her artful way creating a look thats altogether striking, yet elegant and reasonable. The cut the draping and her imaginative use of the fabric makes her dresses stand out. All of the designs exhibited are hand made by Sanja. Her designs show a serious understanding of form and function, but also a creative need for the flamboyant. Sanja Velickovic is certainly one of the most interesting, talented fashion designers out of Slovenia, right up there with Urska Draz, Almira Sadar and Alenka Globochik Fabjan. If you would like to know more, look Sanja up on Facebook or contact her through email( Article and photos by K.K.W

Gallery MC: "An Identity towards another"

Lee Kyoung Hwa's "Bulryo-06-1"
mixed media, 41.5x23.6 inches, 2011
Her work is mix-media incorporating such materials as shining-colored threads she uses to create a strong effect of a projected surface. Although based on traditional oriental paintings, her creations are bold yet subtle, modern and striking. "...she brings dimensional attempts from which we see a clue to her strong intention to complete her style to combine 2-dimensional into 3-dimensional beyound the satisfactory stay in the viewpoint of watching nature". Sa Yun Taek's paintings are an odd blend of traditional oriental paintings and Bansky like social satire. Imagine a sublime oriental landscape in which a soccer match is being played while a gentleman with a full bladder "bleeds the lizard"
just a few feet away. Another man is painting a picture, and a tiger looms above it all; possibly disturbed by the whole scene, maybe enjoying it. We may never know. Taek's creations can be viewed as symbolic towards the land itself, and human interaction with it. A playful message delivered through a mad type of humor. On the one hand it all seems normal, and on the other hand everything in the painting seems wrong, absurd,  and funny.   
Sa Yun Taek's "A gap a second"-Acrylic and oil
on canvas, 116.8x91cm 2010
Han Sung Soo's paintings, entitled "A universal truth", is a vivid display of many forms, shapes and objects representing a greater form. The forms, or shapes, seem to exist within a space devoid of any other life, only straight lines and in some what looks like wave lengths. Han's paintings are a little tough to take in at first, but this gives way to their odd beauty soon after. His paintings may pose the question, are we and all we know just a great mass, one entity floating in a space inhabited by lines? The array of colors he uses reinforces the power of his paintings. When you look at them you see someone who knows how to project outward calm, and abstract madness. His work is thought provoking.    
Han Sung Soo's "A universal truth-image of a deer",
mixed media on canvas 28.6x35.8 inches,  2011
Lee Sun Young's work is poetic and symbolic at once. Entitled "Between you and me and then between you", it places you at a point between her and the idea. The words, her poetry, are like a subtle chant and her mixed media creations are the charm. The magic of it is the deceptive playfulness of her work, as it draws you in. The materials(The Hanbok) she uses and her presentation gives rise to the deep workings of her mind, and it is wonderful to behold. The Hanbok have been worn since ancient times. it consists of a shirt(Jeogon) and a skirt(Chima). Today the term Hanbok often refers specifically to Hanbok of the Joseon Dynasty. This make her work all the more alluring, a direct link to her peoples past that is still held in high regard.
Lee Sun Young's "Between you and me and
then between you"
Iksong Jin's "Timeless door" series is an intense work to behold. Incorporating a multitude of watch faces, his creations brings together elements of time, space, symbolism and social commentary. His creations radiate a powerful force. "Timeless is a buddhist word that means perpetuality, which refers to a perpetual door that is piled up forever". Each door is meant to represent numerous doors, which lead to different paths of life and experiences in the world. When I look at his work I see and remember myself passing through door after door, always learning more. The beauty of it is that each door can represent many things to many people. To each his own. The idea is highly provoking as so much of our lives are governed by the face of watch.
Iksong Jin's "Timeless door-Feb". Mixed watches
on a door, 49x49 inches, 2011
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Article and photos by K.K.W