Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dark City?

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout & original photo by K.K.W
Abre Los Ojos (open your eyes) - Dark City? Part 1. Curated by Aleksandar Ares, with photography, digital art & text by K.K.W.

Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment.
For one of many times in my life,
I had lost hope. Its been months since
I last saw her. "30 Days Of Night"
(title of a comic book series & movie adaptation of it).
Along with Crows & Dragonflies ,
I saw patterns & visions [hardly knowing
what was real anymore].
With two steps back the sky told me the truth;
this was a dream....wide awake.
By the time I reached Flatbush Ave (@ Prospect Park),
it was "All Quiet On The Western Front" (Title of the 1930's film).
Dismounting for a few minutes, I couldn't
remember the streets being this silent, so few people.
Barclays (the new stadium in Brooklyn)
 had risen, like a young Titan;
gleaming, brazen...loved & hated.
Signs were everywhere, but few understood....
and none dare speak.
And even fewer spoke of the elders now;
most were long gone, or gutted, redesigned
on the inside & prostituted for the bourgeois. 
The Great Bridge; Some say we don't cross it,
we're pulled towards it by some force,
like "Ants Marching"
(title of the song by Dave Matthew's Band).
The people had become like shadows,
or maybe shadows had taken human form.
The City changes us, one & all.
Looking back, nothing seemed real.
The landscape slowly receded into the fog.
"Play Misty For Me"
As I traveled on, I strained to recall blue skies,
and the feel of sunlight,
only to realize....I couldn't feel the cold.
The path seemed to curve towards
the sky. And those who followed it?
Moths, drawn to a flame.
" I alive with thoughts that drift away?
Does summer come for everyone,
can humans do what prophets say?..."
(Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing outside a broken
phone with money in my hand")
For only a moment she seemed
uneasy, as if not understanding
where she was anymore.
Onward they marched, oblivious to the meat-hook
realities that awaited them. 

My pulse quickened, as fear and love gripped
me at the sight of her eyes.
" summer nights, mid-July, when you and
I were forever wild. The crazy days,
city-lights, the way you played with me
like a child..." (Lana Del Rey - "Young & Beautiful"). 
The eyes vanished as the light broke through.
Though I could still hear her voice,
like a distant birds cry.
Glass, steel, with a dark gleam;
geometric linear forms dominated the land.
The young were steal the light.
Sic Luceat Lux (Thus, let the light shine).
To look-up is to cringe
at the light.
Is a faded flag, all that remains of our glory? 
To study The City, is to realize there was never
only one, but two, changing with time.
The green seemed so real;
still fresh an unchanged,
like the open spaces seldom seen anymore.
A gathering, at City-Hall Park.
A symbolic place where power & ideas
emanate throughout The City.  
They stood before the great work (by Sol LeWitt).
Did they marvel at its simplicity,
the complexity of its form?
At this humble gathering, a new order
was ushered in.
On an open lawn it stood life-less,
yet powerful.
Geometric patterns, linear form, out of place
and still...right at home.
(By Sol LeWitt)
Stairway to heaven? (artwork
by Sol LeWitt)
" restless dreams I walked alone...
silence like a cancer grows..."
(Simon & Garfunkel - "The sound of silence") 
Gritty, defaced, and un-adored, its buildings like
these that tell much of NYC's story.
"...their all, bold as love. Just, ask, the axis..."
(Jimi Hendrix - "Bold as love")

Watch out for the shadows. 
"...We ride the waves and don't ask where they
go, we swim like lions through the crest,
and bathe ourselves in zebra flesh..."
(Primitive Radio Gods - "Standing outside a broken phone
with money in my hand")

Perception (from the Latin, perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification, 
and interpretation of sensory information, in order to represent and understand the environment. Abre Los Ojos (Open your eyes). 
To be continued (Jan 15th 2014)

Aleksandar Ares is an emerging poet, writer & curator from Morocco. K.K.W (Kerwin Kendell Williamson) is an emerging visual artist, poet, writer & art critic from Trinidad & Tobago. "Art is the reason, art is the way"
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catalin Tzetze

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
original photo & layout by K.K.W
Spotlight on Romania: Catalin Tzetze, by K.K.W

From the Renaissance up to the middle of the 19th century, Western art had been [& at times still is] under-pinned by the logic of perspective and an attempt to reproduce reality. 
Catalin Tzetze [current FB profile photo],
image courtesy of the artist. 
However, aspects of reality can be found in Tzetze's art-work, even though its at a distance (sometimes) from traditional art. Although with some of his creativity its not what you see, but what you feel and sense.   
" blue-ascendent " (2010)
oil on canvas, 60 / 60 cm
(private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
His use of color is extraordinary in its subtlety - sometimes not bright or primary - and yet it always catches your eye. At times only a hint of primary colors maybe visible; in some paintings there's a balance through seeming chaos between the colors. 
"Don Quixote" ,
oil on canvas,
33 / 41 cm ,
( private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Perhaps this alludes to an aspect of life - moments of joy - like bright colors, exist only but so much, only briefly. A balance, and or pleasing contrast is always present. 
Catalin Tzetze - photo by Mihai Kaizer.
Textures are either soft, mild, almost gentle in there look [blue-ascendant "], or gritty, forceful and always visually arresting. Incidental patterns form via textures, a sense of 3-dimensionality is exuded through the lines, colors and shapes they seem to create. In     
Winter forest, performance Tzetze a Tete-a-Tete
(Herastrau) 2011 (Rencontre reguliere RFB),
oil on canvas, 51 / 71 cm
(private collection) Romania.
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Within a few of his paintings there are patterns likes crosses
[similar to Eastern Orthodox - Winter forest, blue-ascendant ", "structura -siena "], which might be intentional, or maybe just a by product of  his technique. In blue-ascendant " I think its definitely there, and given the country he's from [very religious & still conservative in a way], this could be the case.    
"structura -siena ", (2003) oil on canvas, 120/140 cm
(private collection) SUA
Image courtesy of the artist. 
In "structura -siena ",  despite the abstract seeming chaos, there's a linear pattern, two converging walls collide into one. A gritty force is embedded within the wall, among the cracks an apparent crevasse's. A face stares back asking in silence: Are you another  brick the wall?

If you would like to know more, go, or: "Art is the reason, art is the way".       

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cinty Ionescu

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares.
Original photo & layout by K.K.W

Spotlight on Romania: Cinty Ionescu. By K.K.W

Despite the uncertainty and hardships since the revolution in 1989, one of the great things that would emerge, is an amazing counter-cultural art scene.  
Cinty Ionescu. Photo courtesy of the artist.
From Bucharest, with a background in Political science and sociology, she started working as a producer, then as a video-maker while VJ-ing by night working with DJ's, and live bands [most notably Brum Conspiracy].

Moving through the underground scene - rave parties, Jazz, Experimental and Nu-Jazz concerts - she would acquire an intense creative focus towards the art-scene. Since 2009 she's conceived quite a few projects - "Eclectique Telescope" being one of them, a text-video installation in the form of a live multimedia poem performance [2009] & "Nijinsky: The Other Face of the Genius / Nijinski: cealaltă față a geniului"a theatre dance & multimedia performance directed by Mălina Andrei and produced by the Romanian National Opera in Bucharest [November 2011].  

"Faceti loc! / Make Room!",  "4th AGE / Varsta4", "Heated Heads / Capete Înfierbântate", "The Hazardous Man / Omul Hazardului",  "Playful Târgoviște / Târgoviște de Jucărie", as a video artist Cinty created and worked on numerous, creatively engaging projects since 2009. Other productions she's been involved with have been performed at The Odeon Theatre [The Correct Price / Prețul Corect,  Paths of Destruction on Mars / Urme de distrugere pe Marte]
Ad poster for "Nils fucked up day".
Image courtesy of the artist.
Her work for the play "Nils fucked up day" [2011], by Peca Stefan, which was shown at the "Fringe" festival in New York City, she was awarded the excellence award for outstanding video design. 
Ad poster for "Romanyeah!".
Image courtesy of the artist. 
Her personal video project "Romanyeah!" focuses on her country, the people, their vibe, explores mixed realities and feelings. It utilizes a broad selection of imagery from her childhood, culture, landmarks, everyday scenes of poverty, social paradoxes and economic prosperity. 3 projectors lined the walls at La Sala [@ Cantina Royal], when it was screened in New York [part of the "Underground Zero" festival]. It was like a trans-dimensional, hypnotic journey, with original music created by Brooklyn-based Dj, producer and mix engineer Brennan Green.    
Cinty Ionescu.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Edited by K.K.W. 

Her work "Obscured (by the) Intersection", for the project "In The Shadow Of The Young Ones" [Feb 2013 @ Spectrum NYC], was a dark, immersive trip looking at the urban landscape of Bucharest. 

"The Fall", one of the latest
projects she's been involved in [Nov 2013, NYC], was a multimedia performance piece devised by a group of international artists - under the guidance of Simon Hanukai. It was an amazing endeavor and the 2nd time she's been apart of a project in New York.      

Ad poster for "The Fall".
Image courtesy of the artist.
Ionescu is arguably one of the best visual artists to emerge from the post-revolution era in Romania. There's a wide range of creative intensity, style, social commentary and visual allure to her work that's never dull & immensely engaging. 

If you would like to know more, go to:,, or: "Art is the reason, art is the way". If you would like to leave a response, click "comment", choose anonymous & write what you want.   

Mihai Kaizer

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares.
Original photo & layout by K.K.W
Spotlight on Romania: Mihai Kaizer. By K.K.W
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Being able to take good pictures is one thing,
however the ability sense a moment and capture it [also create & capture it], is the mark of an artist.  
Photo courtesy of the artist. 
What a photographer presents can always be looked at literally, and figuratively - expressing something of who the artist is. 
His landscapes show an obvious liking of nature and the traditional standards. The beauty of light, the bittersweet sense of gathering storm clouds over an open field.  
Photo courtesy of the artist. 
However, there is a measure of loneliness in some of his landscapes; no people or animals, only an eerie stillness that becomes slightly disturbing.  
Photo courtesy of the artist. 
Kaizer's portraits sometimes exude a playful shyness, something hidden, a curiosity through the eyes of the subject. Though there faces are only half visible, there's a sensual and dangerous quality.   
Photo courtesy of the artist.
With two of them only one eye is visible; does the artist see them as scared, that women are scared? Their "all-seeing-eye", "eye of providence", seeks out all there is. 
She sees you...even though she is hidden.  
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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