Thursday, December 29, 2011

Genoveva Kachurkova: Q&A

This months cover,
photo by K.K.W. Taken
@ Central Park N.Y.C,
2010, Canon 28, 40mm
lens, fujifilm 400.
Genoveva Kachurkova: Q & A. By K.K.W

Genoveva, image created by the
artist, Herzel and
courtesy of both.
She studied @ The University of Sheffield, is from Skopje, Macedonia, and is a solo musical whiz in her own right. She also sings in a choir and works with Herzel and Petar Petkovski(two of Macedonia's best)from time to time. Genoveva is certainly one of Skopje's best.

  SP: Genoveva, thanks for taking the time.

  GK: Your welcome Kerwin! 

SP: What got you into this kind of music? 

GK: I was just following my inner feelings in music. So I got where I am now. I feel so blessed because I am surrounded by the most honest music lovers on the planet, and that inspires me endlessly I think.    

SP: When did you start working with Herzel?

GK: We started working together about one year ago. I started recording some short samples for his tunes, and over time we continued to explore sounds together, just as fun and with no intentions to release whatsoever. 

SP: What's your role in it all, composing, producing?

GK: Depends on the project. Some projects we do together from scratch. I compose some little melodies, work on arranging, play around with my voices. But I feel we both combine our strengths and tend to let things flow naturally in the creative process.

     SP: Everyone has been influenced by someone else, give us some of yours?

GK: I think I have different influences from different time periods, from soul to ambient, electronica, up to all the new “post post” genres ϑ. Different influences come to the surface on different projects. I am singing in a choir, so I notice choir and ethno influences in my voices on some tunes. It is all one big mash-up ϑ

SP: Your first project, or group of tracks released, what was it called and what was that like?

GK: I was featured in two tracks of Herzel’sMaps & Thoughts”, releases for Filter Label, and we have a mutual vinyl release coming out soon for Other Heights.  

SP: where can we buy and download your tracks?

GK: On all digital services (Juno, Beatport etc.). Also we have some collaborations as free releases on Greenfields netlabel (

           SP: The event in Berlin you and Herzel posted     about on FB, what was it and how did it go?

GK: Herzel had a Dj set there, great party. We have been invited to do a joint live show in one art gallery there in spring, I’m sure it will be a pleasant experience.

SP: Genoveva, thats awesome the set in Berlin was a great party. And I hope the event @ the gallery in spring is more than just a pleasant experience:). Cheers! And thanks again, great interview.

If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way", Nazdravje!

Genoveva, photo courtesy
of the artist.

Singing @ the church of saint Sophia,

Genoveva, photo courtesy of the artist.
Genoveva, Photo courtesy of the artist.

Music now: Herzel & Genoveva

This months cover,
photo by
K.K.W. Taken @
Central park, 2010.
Canon 28 40mm lens,
fujifilm 400.
Music Now: Herzel & Genoveva. By K.K.W

He studied @ NATFA, is a photographer and DJ from Bitola Macedonia, she studied @ The University of Sheffield, is from Skopje(capital of Macedonia)and sings in a choir. Both are stunning talents in electronic & techno, producing amazing tracks together and working the post production side as well. Her wonderful vocals usually on the tracks, their an extraordinary couple. 

Herzel, @ the helm.
Photo courtesy of the artist
Of all the things I know are good together, Herzel & Genoveva are an interesting pair. Working out of Skopje, Macedonia their tracks together(they also work individually)are a symbiotic melding of talent and skills. Near-perfectly, well orchestrated sound-scapes that are relaxing as they are moving. One of the first things you notice is a strong knowledge of music and their influences(Detroit Techno, Experimental Electronica, Soul, and Ambient Electronica). 

Herzel has been producing his own tracks for the last few years, and working with Genoveva for about one year. Most of their tracks together are on Filter Label("The good music label, founded in 2007 as a result of the revolt to the current state of the music industry"-1), and both are on Sound-Cloud. Tracks like "Outer-Space funk"-Exploring Callisto-shows a serious sophistication in the use of rhythm,  harmony, and beats. A strange, fun, mellow flow that can be a great door to introspective sound meditation, while roaming your city. The mind becomes clear and its just you, the track and any visuals you want. "C64"-Map's and Thoughts part 2-is a wicked track with a slightly more gritty, analog/digital sound, thats perfect for an evening having drinks with friends, or a lonely night spent roaming the city streets, lost in its translation. 

"The Safe Place"-Maps and Thoughts part 3- is, to me their best track. A  potent, stellar-smooth, pimped-out flow that can go perfect with an above-ground train ride through & over New York City, or a great party in Skopje(with Anastazija Manasievska taking pictures, of course:). The chorus is haunting and soothing, while the beat and melody brings you along for a fantastic 3:19 ride. The track is a perfect blend created on the cusp of modern electronic, musical creativity. "Intelligent techno/electronica; music you can listen to @ home"-2. Its a great example of the transference of spirit from the body to the machine, and the digital world. When I asked Genoveva about working with Herzel she said, "We started working together about one year ago. I started recording some short samples for his tunes, and over time we started exploring sounds together". Herzel & Genoveva are another prime example of the new progressive, electronic sound coming out of South Eastern Europe. The music they produce is fantastic. If you would like to know more go to: . "Art is the reason, art is the way" [#1, Filter label's face-book page, #2, from wikipedia's  article, 'Techno'], see our October 2011 post for the interview with Aleksandar Grozdanovski-Herzel. 

Genoveva, the one & only.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Genoveva. Image created by,
& courtesy of both artists.

Herzel(one of his recent FB profile pic's).
Photo courtesy of the artist.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Canyon Candy"-@ the Clocktower Gallery

This months cover,
version #3. Photo by
taken @ Central Park 2010.
Canon 28 40mm lens,
fujifilm 400
"Canyon Candy": @ The Clocktower Gallery.
Photos by K.K.W.

Music videos come alive in the clocktower gallery's latest exhibition, "Canyon Candy", a site specific installation and immersive sound-scape. The exhibit brings to life a western-themed music video collaboration between filmmaker Mike Anderson and the band Javelin. The exhibition is on view from December 20th, 2011 to January 31st, 2012. Gallery hours are Tues-Fri, 12pm-5pm, or by appointment. 108 Leonard street, N.Y, N.Y, 10013. 
Inside the Canyon,
dark, spooky, and amazing.

Joe Ahearn-curator for performances &
installations(in the cowboy hat)

The screening area for the video.

Looking up the staircase
going up to the roof.

Upper floor, with a great spiral staircase.

Intoxication @ night.

The "city" always looks
better from above.
The old eagles still stand watch over the "City"


David Linton's bicameral research sound
& projection system. "Cortical Degausser"

David Linton's bicameral research sound
& projection system. "Cortical Degausser"

David Linton's bicameral research sound
& projection system. "Cortical Degausser"

David Linton's bicameral research sound
& projection system. "Cortical Degausser"

Inside the "Canyon"-the entrance.
If you would like to know more, go or: "Art is the reason, art is the way",  Nazdravje!