Sunday, April 9, 2017

Out of Context

Original photo & digital art by K.K.W

#1. Rear window

#2. A brave new world

#3. I watch Skopje
#4. On Sandanski Blvd [vo Skopje]
#5. Vo gradot [Fiat lux] 
#6. Not on the square, or the level
#7. Memories of green
#8. Stairway to heaven
#9. Ground-control to major tom.. 
#10. I reflect, therefore I am?
#11. Where we Met...
#12. Unintended design aspect?
#13. I think I know that guy...
#14. The Policy of Truth
#15. Strange face
#16. Heaven's Gonna burn Your Eyes  
#17. As above, so below
#18. Sic luceat lux
#19. This must be the place
#20. The remains of the day
#21. Requiem for the dead

Out of Context: art work & text by K.K.W, curated by Kendell Kerwin

Appropriation through the allure of a moment, is a silent verse that can be seen. The windows of the soul, in conjunction with subconscious apparitions - drawing with light - imposing emotions on reality. Questioning connectivity by redefining it, we find the high-water mark. We cannot be forsaken, immersed in all this passing beauty, raising out of deconstructed memories. Analog information through digital application; the remains of the day. "Tryin' to make it real...but compared to what?" [1] 

All photo's are digital, and for sale [available sizes: A1, A2, A3, or inches - 11x14, 16x20, 20x30]. If you would like to make a purchase please contact the artist: 1-347-328-7903 or  

Prior to my first major art project [In The Shadow Of The Young Ones] I wouldn't have taken notice of the unintended patterns & visual aspects of urban change. Art is what we make of it, and also being open to information that alters our perception. Even out of context a story is told; not only about the subject, but also the author.

The color image before the photo's is a preview of a new series of digital art-work, and the subject of an upcoming exhibition. Thank you for taking the time to engage with this. Some of the photographs were taken in Skopje [capital of The Republic of Macedonia], the others in New York City.

1. Compared To What - by Roberta Flack