Sunday, June 26, 2016

Simulacrum & Modern Portraits

Art work by K.K.W. Model: Abe Ana Choveche -
Jazz musician from Skopje.
Conscious thoughts of replication & Simulacrum. By K.K.W
There are 3 main aspects of this project that seem unrelated, although perhaps not. 1. A mild obsession with people of...interest, 2.The gritty, decaying, aspects of our urban environment, 3. The digital world & a film called "The Thirteenth Floor". 
Art-work by K.K.W - Self portrait
Brother from another planet?
A child of the Empire?
Agent of the state?
I didn't think to attach the word simulacrum to my portraits - only considering a vector outside the box of traditional and modern. Shades of colors, textures, patterns, bits and pieces of my other photos. 
Mrpt_Skj_c.i#2[series 2]:
Jasmina of Skopje.

Fusing together images in Photoshop, these first creations [which are not shown here] showed promise, though little else. Photographing, writing, and interviewing creative individuals leaves a strong imprint from the real world, to the digital world [most interaction with those in The Republic of Macedonia occurred there], and back again to my real world.
Torn fashion ad - downtown Manhattan
Working for a courier service in NYC [via bicycle in Manhattan], moving from sector to sector, seeing more then most people has its advantages.
I saw wheat-paste street art, graffiti, shredded ads on construction sites [doorways, walls, mailboxes, etc.], part of a rainbow on a marble wall, rusted doors splashed with paint, triggering thoughts of replication. 

Torn Ad from a construction site
on East 56th st, near Lexington Ave
Fashion AD poster on a construction site.
The workers are usually told to paint them green,
not sure why. 
As with many other films I had already seen "The Thirteenth Floor", though I started watching it again obsessively. Then I remembered it was adapted from the novel by Daniel F. Galouye - Simulacron 3 [1964]. Reasonable amount of research ensued, a digital copy of the book was purchased and read. A beautiful, frightening awareness overcame me.    
Bonnie of the U.K.
I met her on my first trip to Skopje.
In Skopje [capital of The Republic of Macedonia] the same or similar visuals on their streets, greeted me, and also a friend there - Nikola Dzhilvidzhiev. He and his girlfriend Xe Meja (He-Meya) had been photographing its decaying facades, street art, graffiti and torn posters as well. With our thoughts and eyes on the same subject(s), we joined forces. We are all these little things that define where we are. Creative representations [modern portraits] based on this, become the hyperreal; simulacrum.  
Mprt_c.i#15 [S3]
My Niece Victoria.
If you would like to see more of my photography, go to: 'Art is the reason, art is the way.

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