Sunday, November 27, 2016

Simulacra 2 [The Hyperreal] Curated by Kerwin Kendell & Nixter Jeelvy

"The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth - it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true". (Jean Baudrillard)
Goran Dimov: Skopje, Macedonia
                       Usually I photograph life; in those moments when we try to hang out.
                        These photos are a different selection of someone else's vision,
                     or version of life; except it does not seem, nor do they conform, to    the everyday construct of what is generally expected in life.
They radiate an energy all their own, a specific quantum field that cannot be graphed, only sensed. They no longer exist by our human values, free of that coffin; they are the hyperreal [but only to those who have the right eyes. "do you see?" (1)]
                          1. Interview With The Vampire - page one, chapter one. 
Nikola Dzhildzhiev: Skopje, Macedonia
Art has the power to heal. Art has the power to create new life and open new horizons. If the soul is to repair itself, art can be the medicine which will effectuate this repair. Those with the power to create, therefore, bear the heavy burden, the duty of providing this medicine. Rejecting the merely interesting and pleasing in favor of that which inspires a restorative process within the damaged psyches of today is key to creating art. While much effort has been expended on being ‘socially-conscious’, very little effort is put into being spiritually-conscious, in creating art which will soothe the deep gashes that modern society leaves on the human spirit.

Skyhook's Dropkick
Phone Home
De Orbi Ferenda
Authority 2
Ashley Garner: New York City

Synaesthesia is described to be the confusion of senses; like hearing color or feeling pain from sound. According to NPR 1 in every 27 people have some form of synaesthesia. 
Words, music, our consciousness, our body, indeed the entire universe is nothing more than vibration of energy. The rate this energy vibrates is called the frequency. Rocks, emotions, people and even planets differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational frequency. Therefore by 'tuning' your brain to certain frequencies using brainwave entertainment and other techniques, it is possible to experience different states of consciousness.
This series of images explores this phenomenon in a variety of different states based off of color theory, experimentation, and exploration of the imagination.
Leni von Geleva: Skopje, Macedonia


History or fabrication, a person or a puppet? Art or just shit?
Within the confines reality lurks the shadows of what we create, perfect imperfection, simmering with love and intense dissatisfaction at the awful truth; they are but a flawed copy out of our mold. Yet we, ourselves exist on "The Thirteenth Floor" [1], carbon copies of our alien maker [s], unable to live with the truth; created because we could be, not because we are special. Designed to fill a role, like a cell phone. But is there not some beauty in this?
1. Title of the film adapted from the novel "Simulacron 3" 

Life - accidental meeting between the
umbrella and the toilet seat
Quantum Leap Into the Past

Kerwin K Williamson: New York City
Most of us become more attached to our environment at the point of being unable to leave it. And yet how we perceive ourselves is usually based on false, or one sided beliefs and concepts. As technology changes our lives, urban environment, renders obsolete all doubt, propelling us into uncharted digital territory, all is changed, revamped and so are we. re-examination of reality immersed within the digital may trigger or subconscious to assert itself; breaking through to the other side. In this case a simulacrum will be created, which is not just a copy of the original, but becomes truth in its own right; the hyper-real.

                              Melani Digit: Skopje, Macedonia

Ethnovision 001 is a multimedia installation using different media between art and technology [fashion, photography, video, mapping & projecting]. The installation is the next work of Ethnovision 1&2, projects by the artist, in which there was shown her fashion collection inspired by Macedonian ethno patterns. The concept of the project embraces the fading of traditional values, a process that makes them traditional. The clothes have extracts that are cut from the same, in a shape of triangles, diamonds and other geometrical elements found in the ethno motives.
If you would like to purchase any of the artwork, please contact Kerwin Kendell @ 1-347-328-7903 ( Or, if you would like to know more about the artists:,,,,,

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Simulacrum & Modern Portraits

Art work by K.K.W. Model: Abe Ana Choveche -
Jazz musician from Skopje.
Conscious thoughts of replication & Simulacrum. By K.K.W
There are 3 main aspects of this project that seem unrelated, although perhaps not. 1. A mild obsession with people of...interest, 2.The gritty, decaying, aspects of our urban environment, 3. The digital world & a film called "The Thirteenth Floor". 
Art-work by K.K.W - Self portrait
Brother from another planet?
A child of the Empire?
Agent of the state?
I didn't think to attach the word simulacrum to my portraits - only considering a vector outside the box of traditional and modern. Shades of colors, textures, patterns, bits and pieces of my other photos. 
Mrpt_Skj_c.i#2[series 2]:
Jasmina of Skopje.

Fusing together images in Photoshop, these first creations [which are not shown here] showed promise, though little else. Photographing, writing, and interviewing creative individuals leaves a strong imprint from the real world, to the digital world [most interaction with those in The Republic of Macedonia occurred there], and back again to my real world.
Torn fashion ad - downtown Manhattan
Working for a courier service in NYC [via bicycle in Manhattan], moving from sector to sector, seeing more then most people has its advantages.
I saw wheat-paste street art, graffiti, shredded ads on construction sites [doorways, walls, mailboxes, etc.], part of a rainbow on a marble wall, rusted doors splashed with paint, triggering thoughts of replication. 

Torn Ad from a construction site
on East 56th st, near Lexington Ave
Fashion AD poster on a construction site.
The workers are usually told to paint them green,
not sure why. 
As with many other films I had already seen "The Thirteenth Floor", though I started watching it again obsessively. Then I remembered it was adapted from the novel by Daniel F. Galouye - Simulacron 3 [1964]. Reasonable amount of research ensued, a digital copy of the book was purchased and read. A beautiful, frightening awareness overcame me.    
Bonnie of the U.K.
I met her on my first trip to Skopje.
In Skopje [capital of The Republic of Macedonia] the same or similar visuals on their streets, greeted me, and also a friend there - Nikola Dzhilvidzhiev. He and his girlfriend Xe Meja (He-Meya) had been photographing its decaying facades, street art, graffiti and torn posters as well. With our thoughts and eyes on the same subject(s), we joined forces. We are all these little things that define where we are. Creative representations [modern portraits] based on this, become the hyperreal; simulacrum.  
Mprt_c.i#15 [S3]
My Niece Victoria.
If you would like to see more of my photography, go to: 'Art is the reason, art is the way.