Sunday, November 3, 2013

Muriel Louveau

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Original photo courtesy of Miss Louveau.
Muriel Louveau: meeting Gainsbourg. By K.K.W.
Muriel Louveau - image courtesy of the artist.
Most people rarely have encounters with notable individuals that leave a lasting impression, let alone those who are well known. Singer, composer & song-writer Muriel louveau was lucky enough to meet Serge Gainsbourg. 
Serge Gainsbourg - photo by Tony Frank
It was by chance she was in Paris for a few days [late summer, ], while still a student  [studying the history of art & writing a solo performance],  where he was a regular at Baobab [in St Germain Des Pres]. The man who ran the restaurant knew Muriel and her family - he said "I'll give you a phone call when Serge is here...". As she recalled "...I was so surprised to receive his phone call...I wore this long, blue dress. Serge was very clean and well-shaved, not dirty or unkempt like most people thought..." 

That evening she was with her mother and Serge thought it was her agent. "...I think my mother broke the ice..." and after a bit conversation, Gainsbourg took her hand saying they were very delicate; cold, but her pulse was normal. Being quite young, filled with creative emotions she began to cry - which at the time hearing this I thought it was strange [her being in a restaurant, with her mother, etc], however I think it make's the story immensely interesting.

Muriel Louveau -
photo by Emmanuel Bovet.
Apparently no one, not even her father had ever done such a simple, tender thing with a sense of charm & passion. Gainsbourg said to her " see, you are over sensitive, like me. It could be a strength, your power...'" She thought it was poetic, so beautiful to be with this artist; not looking at him like a star but seemingly star-struck by the moment. "...I felt blessed when he gave me his card and said I could call him anytime...". However, like all moments, it was gone; like the sun covered up.... by passing clouds. Muriel never saw him again.   
Muriel Louveau - image
courtesy of the artist
Muriel Louveau - image courtesy
of the artist.
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