Wednesday, September 28, 2011

GalleryMC: Open mic Mondays Part 1

Opening shot, @ the bar. 
The other amazing talents were Muriel Louveau, Emily-Pope-Blackman, Margaret Lancaster, Lynn Bechtold, Gene Pritsker, Dan Barrett,  and Dan Cooper, with video footage by Carmen  Kordas. Photos by K.K.W, Nikon cool-pix L22. If you would like your event photographed please call 347-328-7903, or "Art is the reason, art is the way"
@ the bar, again. The bartender
for the evening was Mirjana(slender blonde),
very charming, and fun to talk to.
The set-up. The whole show was like a
fantastic blending of old world musical style
and modern tech generated sounds.

Milica Paranosic(Juilliard)
from Belgrade Serbia

Emily Pope Blackman(left), and Muriel Louveau

Gene Pritsker and Milica Paranosic
Dan Barrett, master of the cello.

Milica Paranosic

Milica @ the helm.

The place wasn't packed, but this made for a more
calm, private show.  

Milica playing the Mrak(Serbian folk instrument)

Muriel Louveau and Emily Pope Blackman

"Emily joins Muriel to create dance works in response
to her(Muriel's)singing. Her solo will echo to the variable
tones reflected in
Muriel's voice, contrasting between
strength and fragility".

@ the bar, yet again:) It was the smallest bar I've ever
been to, but by far the best on the upper west side.
At least that evening.

Mirjana is also from Serbia. She enjoys pursuing
art, making guitars, good drinks, and her friends.

Muriel Louveau, (in the middle)

Milica and Margaret Lancaster

Margaret Lancaster.

Muriel Louveau(middle)and Emily Pope Blackman

Milica Paranosic(Juiliard)

Dan Barrett, on the cello.

Dan Barrett, master of the cello

Lynn Bechtold, Master of the violin.

Margaret and Lynn
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