Sunday, September 30, 2012

Collective Zero

This months cover,
original photo by Matej Bogdanovski.
Digital augmentation & layout by K.K.W 
A look back: Collective Zero ("Paperworks"). Article & photos by K.K.W

From the mid 1980's to the early 1990's Collective Zero were, and still is to a large degree, an important representative of the Macedonian visual art scene.

Arm-band logo for the group.
They came together during the last years of Yugoslavia and ended their collective sometime before or after the break-up of the nation and Macedonia declared independence (CEHT 8th 1991). The group did have an eventual reunion in 2009 for a retrospective exhibition at the national gallery of Macedonia, and at the 54th international biennale in Venice ("The Trailer Files").
One of the pieces from their exhibition
@ Gallery MC - Sept 2011
The last time they were together was for their exhibition "Paperwork" at Gallery MC in New YorK, Sept 2011. Its strikingly curious how the group disbanded and yet came together on 3 other occasions almost as if they were not meant to dissolve as a group. "Paperworks" was a project based on numerous photographic material constituted during the preparations for "The Trailer Files".  

"Zero 3D" - Gorancho Gjorgjievski, 2011.
Surrealism, pop art, and aspects of the psychedelic which takes the viewer into a world of beautiful oddities, and strange Balkan characters. In many ways "Paperworks" is the culmination of their time spent together as a collective, filtered through each ones social/political outlook and creativity. Their art stands on its own, separate from their cultural identity and yet imbued with so much that is Macedonia and the Balkans.
Igor Toshevski, "Birds of prey" 2011

Igor Toshevski

Zlatko Trajikovski, "0 Export import Sessions", 2011

Gorancho Gjorgjievski (stripped dress shirt)

Gorazd Popovski (operator of Gallery MC), speaking with
Filip Blasezki 

Conslute General of Macedonia (left) Zvonko Musinski

Conslute General Zvonko Musinski , his wife Mrs Musinski
speaking with  
Gorancho Gjorgjievski
Maria Pavlovska (left), Natasa Poposka
Collective Zero is, Miodrag Desovski, Aco Stankoski, Bedi Ibrahim, Zlaltko Trajkovski, Igor Toshevski, Sinisha Cvetkovski, and Gorancho Gjorgjievski. Video support for the group: Steven Shashkov. If you would like to know more, go to:www.gallerymc.orgSamsung 8GB Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi Tablet - GT-P3113TSYXAR (Google Affiliate Ad)Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera With 18-55mm IS II Lens - REBEL T3 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mobius Percussion @ Spectrum + more

This months cover, original photo
by Matej Bogdanovski. Digital augmentation & layout
by K.K.W
Nights @ Spectrum: great music. Photos & text by K.K.W.

Friday Sept 28 @ Spectrum was maybe one of the best events so far they've had. Mobius, the 2nd act (I missed the 1st), really brought something great to the venue. With an interesting mix of instruments creating lively sound that affected almost everyone present. The quartet performed "Music for pieces of wood", by Steve Reich, "Paper melodies(my music box music)" by Jason Treuting, "Rotation" by Dave Molk and "Postludes" #1-5 by Eilliot Cole. 

Charity Chan & Weasel Walter's performance, the last act, was wild, passionate and full of energy. It made me think of classical meets punk rock. Both artists have such great skill and depth to what they do, and complimented each other almost perfectly.

It was a shame that most of the people, along with Mobius quartet, left before the last act. I wish they could have have stayed, it would have been good support for the last two performers. Maybe next time.   
Mobius Percussion Quartet

Amy Garapic of Mobius percussion

Mobius percussion performing "music for pieces of wood", 
by Steve Reich - from left to right:
David Degge,  Mika Godbole, & Yumi Tamashiro.

Mobius percussion quartet  in action

Mika Godbole of Mobius percussion quartet.

Mobius percussion quartet in action

David Degge of Mobius Percussion quartet

Charity Chan & Weasel Walter @ Spectrum

Charity Chan & Weasel Walter @ Spectrum
Charity Chan 

Weasel Walter
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