Monday, February 28, 2011

Party @ The Bulgarian Bar

The Bulgarian Bar:"Trip like I do"
T'was night of her birthday, and all through Bar, 
every creature was moving, but didn't see a mouse. 
Splendid lights shined here and there, while green harmless 
lazer lights gently moved across every face, body and pretty girls ass. 
Hookah's to left!, to the right!! Crisp clean, cold beer 
and tasty eats from the east of europe.

Welcome to the Mehanata Bulgarain bars
 Ethno-Balkan Trans-Global, Moustacho party,
hosted by Mishka. It seems every Thursday this event happens,
a strange gathering of Ethno-Trans global party seekers and 
any one curious to drop-in. @ the door there was no cover,
but you had to check your coat(rules)and that cost $3, clever, 
very clever. few people want to be bothered looking after a coat. 
I liked their style. Inside the place was awash
in splendid tones of color. 
DJ Mishto&Raphlex were spewing out a vibrant flow 
of ethnic sounds, Chalga, Bhangra, Russian festive, 
and Bergovic anthems. From the 2nd floor 
I saw a mistic chap from India 
pick up a chair with his mouth, hold it upright, 
and dance in a circle with out stretched arms.
The crowd went wild with drunken glee.
Philippa's Birthday was a night of strange joy,
I only wish I stayed longer:) 
The Bulgarian bar is located @ 113 Ludlow st, N.Y, N.Y.
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