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Music now: Sasko Kostov

This months cover,
photo by K.K.W,
taken @ Dash gallery
the D.I.Y show, Sept 2010.
Topcon Auto 100, 56mm lens,
Ilford 400 film
Music Now: Sasko Kostov. By K.K.W

At some point it becomes clear that art, if you let it, puts you into everything. Music, politics, fashion, people, human-nature, societies, etc. Little by little, day by day.
After writing about the art-work of Darkin D'sky("Photography in Skopje"-Dec 2011 "Articles")he told me about Sasko Kostov, one of the best musicians in Macedonia today.

Sasko Kostov. Photo
courtesy of the artist.
His music is imbued with a serious amount of social commentary and critique, hard hitting cords, riffs, and teched-out beats. All striking a cord within you. Even though he's from Macedonia he sings in english(quite good). Kostov's sound is influenced by various kinds of music(he has a clear knowledge of music in general), but resonates with the force of his talent and mind-set today. His songs exudes the socio-economic discontent and disposition of his generation. The song "Vertigo" is a perfect example of this. There's the clever social commentary, the meaning behind it, also within the sound elements of electronica, rock, and late 1990's alternative. There's a great cosmopolitan feel to his music, it has many layers of complexities(the more you learn about Macedonia you begin to understand this). The video for it, directed by Krste Supev, is a perfect match for it. The imagery and style of Supev's directing makes it amazingly cool to watch. 

"I'm losing my mind" is a hard-hitting, pulse pounding electronic/industrial(slightly so) awesome song. It comes off like a personal statement, an anthem against the hum-drum, mind-numbing sameness of it all. The sound is a little more synthesized then "Vertigo"(especially the bass), not as layered, but every bit as enjoyable. The video, directed by Jane Altiparmakov, really gets the message across brilliantly, so much so that you start to feel it. At some point you wonder if Kostov is speaking about himself, speaking for his fans, or both. I love the way the song starts off slow, dark and a little somber, then the tempo changes bringing it to a peak before easing into the ending. With the video there's a sense of self-indulgence, narcissism(you only see Kostov in it), which may in-fact be social critique, or critique of the self through a basic statement. Everyone can relate to the title and lyrics, but often enough any valid claim can become a vector for self-indulgence. A side from all this the song is great to listen to, as the video is to watch, even if your hearing more of the music and less of the meaning. Sasko Kostov is an another amazing example of great music coming out of South-eastern Europe, Macedonia. The band includes Slavco Peev(Bass), Oliver Tevcev(guitar, keyboards), Lefterov Igor(guitar), Kire Nikolovski(drums) and Sasko Kostov(vocals, drums, keyboards and guitar). They are managed by Vasil GjuroskiIf you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"
Sasko Kostov. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sasko Kostov with Dimitar Dodovski @ MKC.
Photo by Aleksandar Nikov.

Sasko Kostov. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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