Sunday, June 24, 2012

"See it Now" - Brooklyn

Digital augmentation, text
and layout by K.K.W 
Photos & text By K.K.W

When I started this series, some months back, it was with an essay by Tanja St about her city Skopje, capital of Macedonia. The  title of the series I took from a T.V series hosted by Edward R Murrow (which I learned about from the film "Good Night & Good Luck"). The basic point is to showcase great visuals about different parts of NYC and elsewhere in the world, thereby giving you a real sense of the place in question.    

Some of these photos are from the last day of the Bushwick Open Studios (June 1-3), and my exploration of the area. If it were not for a new friend, Ivana, I would not have been there. I plan to go through more studios next year which will be the 7th year of the event. 
Looking out from one of the artists studios.
On the streets surrounding the studios
other artists were painting walls,
& adding new graffiti.

Looking out from one of the artists studios.

While waiting for Ivana I saw this flock
of pigeons patrolling their turf.

I've always liked birds, in a way more so then people.

I saw this on the side of a pay-phone,
and liked that it had the image of Helen Mirren .

@ B.O.S (Bushwick Open Studios) festival.

@ B.O.S (Bushwick Open Studios) festival.
Thats Ivana on the right.

@ the Afro-futurism show- MoCaDa Museum
Bushwick sector, Brooklyn. Whats amazing is that
places like this will soon be gone, and most
of the people there won't care until its gone.

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