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Cinty Ionescu

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Cinty Ionescu.
"Romanyeah!": an immersive audio/video performance. Article & photos by K.K.W

@ La Sala (Cantina Royal) in Williamsburg Brooklyn NYC, Cinty Ionescu premiered an engaging environment of sound, sight,  and visual abstraction. It brings you into a series of moments strongly connected to her, and extended to you, via the conductive superhighway that is her art.  
The inner hallway leading to the performance 
area @ La Sala
Ionescu creates an unconventional journey through contemporary Romania utilizing a broad selection of images, from the artists journey in her amazing homeland (a land of striking cultural & social paradoxes). Also with a slide-show of photos and various images from her childhood in communist Romania. Its a startling mix also featuring well known cultural landmarks, the works of Constantin Brancusi in the 'forgotten city' of Targu Jiu, and the monasteries and churches of Moldavia.     

Jeanann Dara (far left), violist.
The construct of the performance (videography, music, projected imagery, etc) is one that has been used by other artists and musicians, composers like Milica Paranosic, Mari Kimura, and Lynn Bechtold . Ionescu's certainly has a powerful force to hers given the personal connection to the images, the culture, and an alluring sensation that really begins to draw you in about halfway through the performance.

3 projectors lined 4 of the walls, that consciously made me think of the holy trinity, while a smaller one displayed images on the tablecloth of Ionescu's DJ setup. The whole, an immersive environment of sound, sight, and numerical abstraction. Images of Romanian existance, the best, worst (to a reasonable extent), strangest, which is funny, moving and also some-what somber. A trans-dimensional, hypnotic awe permeated the room, the energy so strong you could feel it coursing through you. 

The original mix for the set was created by Brooklyn-based DJ, producer and mix engineer Brennan Green. It includes Romanian music samples from Classical, Folk, Gypsy music, and songs from the 30's, 40's, psychedelic rock of the 70's along with contemporary Romanian electro music. Joining Ionescu on stage was Brooklyn based violinist, electronic composer, multimedia artist Jeanann Dara (also the curator for the R.C.I.N.Y), who's stunning playing was in perfect step to the music and visuals. 

The project is commissioned by the R.C.I.N.Y (Romanian cultural institute of New York) working with the "underground-zero" festival and La Sala @ Cantina Royal, conceived as a Romanian-American artistic collaboration.

There are still two more performances on July 21st & 22nd both @ the Flamboyan theater at the Clemente Soto Velez cultural and educational center (107 Suffolk Street New York). If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"

Jeanann Dara

Cinty Ionescu (left)

Cinty Ionescu (left)

Ivana Mikavica (left) who sent me the invite
 speaking to Oana Radu
deputy director of the RCINY.

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