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Barclays Center

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Rise of a "young one" (Barclays Center). Article & Photos by K.K.W

"Urban gentrification is associated with migration within a population. In a community undergoing gentrification, the average income increases and average family size decreases. This generally results in the displacement of the poorer, pre-gentrification residents, who are unable to pay increased rents or house prices and property taxes. Often old industrial buildings are converted to residences and shops. In addition, new businesses, catering to a more affluent base of consumers and those that can afford increased commercial rent, move in, further increasing the appeal to more affluent migrants and decreasing the accessibility to the poor." (1)

Over the last 5-10 years and in fact more, many have watched as Brooklyn has become a more desirable place to live. Park Slope, "Dumbo", Cobble Hill,  Brooklyn heights, Ditmas Park sector are prime examples of this. All have fallen to change via gentrification (some would say a natural soci-o-economic cycle).   
Early stages of construction (spring of 2012)
With this comes Real Estate developers, new structures, buildings, Cafes, restaurants, posh stores catering to, primarily, new residents and to a small degree those who still live there. The use of "eminent domain" played a major part in the rise of Barclays Center - the latest addition in a wave of new architecture along Flatbush Ave (between Myrtle & Atlantic Ave), changing the landscape of Brooklyn.  The project was initially proposed by Bruce Ratner back in 2004 after he purchased the New Jersey Nets (now The Brooklyn Nets) in the first step to build them a new home and moving them to Brooklyn. Jay-Z is a partial owner of the team, which makes sense why he would have serious involvement. He was also the main performer for opening night, Sept 28 2012. 

Early stages of construction (spring of 2012)
Some of the obvious pro's are jobs via construction/demolition labor to remove the buildings that was there,  and in erecting the arena (a 2006 economic impact study found that the project would produce more then 17,000 construction jobs). Along with this, designers who created it, those who sold the materials for it and all the middle men in between.  It has brought some jobs to the area since it opened, people who staff it for the games and events, the "clubs", bars, lounges, restaurants,  and shops contained within, including Jay-Z's 40/40 club (more then 8,500 permanent jobs). Not to mention the traffic safety officers who are there directing pedestrians for every event, the extra police on hand, and the sanitation crews for clean-up. In addition to the Nets, there will be performances by Barbra Streisand, John Legend, Smashing Pumpkins, Justin Bieber, The Who, Green Day, and Rihanna to name a few. Although many of those who live in Brooklyn can't afford tickets, I suppose its a comforting thought have the honor of such events being so close.    
Mid-Spring 2012
The con's starts with those who owned the private property and businesses forced to vacate via "Eminent  Domain", so the arena could be built. This will in-fact will be more of a reason for further development in Brooklyn that will see possible displacement of long time residents, and may lead to increased gentrification. The center is only part of a larger project, which includes 16 residential towers around the arena of which, only a few of the building units will be for low and middle-in-come families. With more construction comes traffic delays, dust and noise pollution, not to mention loss of revenue for some local businesses. 

New architectural development raises the property value of the land its built on, existing property around it and the area as a whole. It will also cause property taxes to increase, which in cases of those who cannot keep up with such increases lose their property,  or are forced to raise rents to cover costs. When those who rent cannot afford such increases, they leave for elsewhere, while new tenants eventually take their place. Already you can see some empty store-fronts, and other sections pushed out, like Dekalb Market (evicted in favor of "City-Points" development - a series of residential buildings with a Century 21 store).    
Mid-Spring 2012
Within the next few years we will see even more changes to the landscape of Brooklyn, and with this an increase in new residents, displacement of old residents and businesses, and further signs of gentrification. And although some of this will have positive results for the Brooklyn, many will be on the losing side unless they can keep up with the changes. This is all part of In The Shadow Of The Young Ones, urban change in our time.
Mid-Spring 2012

Early Summer 2012

Fall, opening day Sept 28,  2012

Fall, opening day Sept 28,  2012

If you would like to know more, go, (1) Taken from the Wikipedia article,  "Gentrification". "Art is the reason, art is the way


thedivainme said...

Sure the newly built building will significantly will became of Brooklyn's landscape as what Empire State did to NYC.

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Studio Phoenix Blog-spot said...

Yes, the new arena will become a significant part of Bklyns landscape, but it will have some negative effects for Bklyn as well. It depends on who you are, in a way.

steven kidman said...

Newly designed Barclays Center are going to be a big for borough, New York.It earlly attract the individuals of the town. gap Concert with Jay-Z is nice. i favor to attend the gap ceremony of Barclays Center.

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