Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sasha Sagan

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
layout by K.K.W

Sasha Sagan, @ Central Park West Oct 2012
"In between worlds of emotions."
Article & photos by K.K.W

"Often enough you find that ballet is a difficult art-form to understand, yet when you do its like looking up at the stars on a clear night. No words need be spoken." (1)

As with all other art-forms those who choreography infuse their performaces with various aspects of themselves, feelings of being alone, somber emotions and days spent tinged with the sensual. Sasha Sagan's piece embodies all of these things.

The low-key melodic tones of the music (Sebastian Plano & Olafur Arnalds)gripped the room as the dancers began their movements, tender graceful movements bespeaking loneliness even while being together. 4 pairs or couples, each merging and briefly breaking apart, in between them, worlds of emotions.

At various points a pair or single dancer would stop-still as the others carried on, their sudden immobility like a ringing note. An eerie reminder of isolation in a world that keeps moving and changing, despite the pain of the individual(s).

Its structural and rhythmic complexity never ceases to be personal, sensitive, and also universal. A somber shade always followed by a faint sense of light as powerful as the stars in the night, seemingly out of reach, though forever there. It was absolutely moving, so much like its creator.

Born Sasha Evtimova, her piece was part of the New York Choreographic institute's (an affiliate of the New York City Ballet) 2012 fall session, of which she was chosen to be a part of along to with two others (Gentian Doda & Troy Schumacher). She is by far one of great examples of contemporary Macedonian culture art.      

Sasha Sagan.  @ Central Park West, Oct 2012
If you would like to know more go, (1) Aleksandar Ares. "Art is the reason, art is the way."

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