Monday, December 3, 2012

C.C fest; 60x60 @ Spectrum

This months cover, photo by K.K.W.
Central Park; 2009 fuji-film 400
Composers Concordance festival 2-"Evolution": 60x60 @ Spectrum.
Article & Photos by K.K.W

At this point instrumental music and art, especially in NYC, there's a strange fervent union with digital technology given the latter' rise, low cost, everyday application and use by even common people. 

Its mixture with contemporary instrumental composers/performers often yields brilliant pieces, and odd bits that seem like abstract sounds suitable for and would better suit avant-garde plays and films.

This being the 1st part of C.C festival 2 ("Evolution"), was a one hour session of 1 minute pieces by composers with videography by Carmen Kordas, all pre-recorded and screened.  Many of the pieces were vivid, with an experimental edge and yet had the basic elements of rhythm, tempo, that one comes to expects of "music". To me, 20 out of the 60 had something to it that struck a cord.

21."Turbulence 1M":Daniel Palkowski, 22."Crawlerbaby":Joseph Pehrson, 26."Paroxysm Extract":Gene Pritsker, 27."A minute in the Bronx":Milica Paranosic, 28."Gerontius II":John Howard Maycraft,29."Orchestral Piece":Thomas Gerwin, 30."Lizzie in the stars and snowfall":Joan La Barbara, 31."Flagpole=160":Mark Petering, 38."Nano opera":The rise, triumph, and fiery demise of robotika- Sabrina Pena Young, 42.#37:Mike Mcferron, 43."Amor Confusion":Angela McGary, 44."Following Wind": David Wolfson, 45. "Pursiut as a dance form":John George Bilotta, 46."Spelunk Funk":Dan Cooper, 47."Bohopus":Patrick Grant, 54. "Psychoirian":Mari Kimura, 57."Passing Uncertainty by":Laurie Spiegel, 58."Dr.Recycle":Captain Thomas Taglienti, 60."Velocity Solo(over a backing track by obscura)":Florian Magnus Maier.   

Each one presented a uniquely composed, vibrant, one minute piece that was thoughtful, and while in the vain of contemporary, they still incorporated a sense of rhythm and a pleasing flow. While the other pieces were interesting, they came off a more like "experimental sound". They lacked a certain amount fluidity and rhythmic vibe that generally makes a connection with the listener. Although all in all it was a great evening, and the sort of event that gives rise to new sounds, compilations, and musical collaborations that may lead to something evening greater.   

Lynn Bechtold &Dan Cooper.
Red-Stripe beer, for the composer/performer
who knows.
If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"


Sabrina Pena Young said...

So glad that you enjoyed the 60x60 and that my "Nano opera" made the list of faves! I really enjoy working with Vox Novus and Rob Voisey on 60x60. It's a unique challenge to create an electronic work in 60 seconds that is a strong (and hopefully memorable) piece of music. Thanks again for your great comments!

Musically yours,
Sabrina Pena Young
Nano Opera: The rise, triumph, and fiery demise of Robotika"

Studio Phoenix Blog-spot said...

Your welcome Sabrina, yours was one of the best and memorable. I hope to see & hear more from you.