Friday, July 5, 2013

@ Nothing Space 6/27/13

This months cover by K.K.W,
layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Crichton Atkinson, curator of the event.

"De-Script" @ []Nothing Space - curated by Crichton Atkinson. Photos & text by K.K.W

@ "De-Script" 5 artists showcased not just creativity for its own sake, but the manner in which reality flows through their minds and becomes a critical voice.    

Rachel Schragis (left) speaking to a friend.
Simplistic as it is powerful, Dr.Richard M. Money's (the late propagandist) uses historical/cultural references along with Pop sources in his work,  to reduce reality to the outlook of a highly intelligent child. There's a provocative feeling to the work, its seeming crudeness the embodiment of the world its drawn from. Something in his work reminds me of Basquiat.  
A young girl admiring the work of
Dr. Richard M. Money (the late propagandist). 
Dr. Richard M. Money (the late propagandist). 
The lines, shapes and linear patterns of Devin Powers work is disturbing as it is strange to look at. Its geometry and dark feel a mathematical conception of humanity; an odd pattern replicating variations of itself. There's a sense of light, though the darkness at certain points seems to over power everything else.    
Devin Powers
Sam Bornstein has a classical edge to his style with a touch of the surrealist, making his visual commentary all the more powerful. In a society in which we are surrounded sign, seals, imagery, objects, puzzles (of many forms), we become trapped by them. No longer are they amazing, but taken for granted because we feel imprisoned, attached to them subconsciously.    

Sam Bornstein 

Sam Bornstein 
Literal-political, Rachel Schragis' work is  a vivid abundance of information thats a little visually complicated, yet possible to deconstruct. Its lack of physical forms or images gives its striking look - exuding the ideology that words are powerful visuals. One is forced to move through the words to a point of understanding the connectivity of it all.      
Rachel Schragis
Lambergini's work turns Pop-culture icons into disturbing, playful individuals in a world where they meet, and collide. His drawings are rich in its line work and detail giving a visual feast. There's a playfulness thats matched by a disturbing  quality - the vulgarity of the world that icons exist in. 
T.B. Lambergini

Crichton Atkinson, curator of the event.
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