Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer-tunes [for Litha] #2

This months cover by K.K.W,
with layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Music now: the summer-list (for Litha/summer solstice) Part 2 By K.K.W

Spring came late this year and summer is already here, as we move towards Litha, turning us right-round and cleansing our troubles. And what better compliment to the glorious season then fine music [aside from good booze, food, friends and a reasonable supply of cash or credit to ensure one hell-of-a-great ride!]?

So, in the Spirit of Apollo, Aten, & Juno, we give you a list of music to guide you towards, through & past Litha:

Life Recorder. Image courtesy of the artist.
nd_baumecker. photo courtesy of the artist. 
Bastille. Photo courtesy of the artists. 
Abe Ana Choveche. Photo by K.K.W
Tropical Rock. Image courtesy of the artist.
herMajesty. Photo courtesy of the band.
Michael Vincent Waller. Photo courtesy of the artist. 
Hopefully some of the music will strike a cord in you,
and you'll buy it. 'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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