Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aerial class with Madeline hoak

I was finally able
to observe and photograph
Madeline Hoak's Aerial class.
An amazing thing to behold, involving
strength, stamina, and grace. Her students
were focused, calm, and attentive to her
directions dispite my being there.
All of them show a burning desire
to get the hang of it, and push it as far 
as they can. The health benefits, increased
agility, concentration, reflex, and 
not to mention this is so cool.
The wonderful thing about this
is how much I wanted to put down the cameras
and join in. You could feel the concentrated
energy of the class as you moved through the room.
I was in such a good mood after the class.
I really love the twists, turns, and angles
of the bodys  you can get when your photographing them.
Da Vinci would have loved this.
Movement of the human body and the elements of
the form can be broken down into its various parts
by the eye, then used to create so many types of Art.
Thinking in terms of abstract painting, the 
variations seem utterly endless and sublime.
I can't wait for the next observation period.
If you would like to know more, or give it go,
please contact the wonderful Miss Hoak @
Text & Photos by K.K.W
Studio Phoenix would like to thank: Madeline, Kiebpoli,  
Emily, Michael,
Nicole, Michelle, Mandy, Christine, Alex, Lindsay,
and Mio. 
More photos will be shown,
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markie said...

A great idea, good layout, but the lighting could have
been better in some of the photo's.
Along with more facts about the Aerial class.