Friday, April 1, 2011

Jewelry By Angela Mignone

                    In A city like New York,

creativity flow's, from the Artist's, into the city, 

and out towards the world. Out of Fort Greene Bklyn  Angela Mignone has been 
pouring out creativity via jewelry design, for the last 2.5 years. From the core of her "Tao"(Life, love, living, exploring, changing, being)she has been designing a thoughtful array of modern jewelry design. Earrings with circular themes
of nature(grapevine earrings),  necklaces with elegant 
interlocking curves that could be the outline of
a flower petal, or tears in the rain. One of her designs she refers to as "lil stackers", rings, has a rough hammered finish on the outer surface, but smooth on the inner band. It gives the alluring feel of ancient methods with a modern clean finish, so Audrey Hepburn. Simplicity, nature, lines that intrigue the eye 
and cause a sudden sensation. Admiration, need, love?
Angela's creations give a sense of arid simplicity, powered, at times, by perfect curves with beautiful interaction of texture and shapes. Although she said she does not really go for a "time period" look, I think some of her creations evoke the feel of Art-Deco, with a little Calder. When I met her at "Bogata"restaurant in Park Slope(restaurant week in Bklyn), she seemed full a strange exotic energy and beauty, so much like her designs. She spoke of being inspired by swords, sci-fi and a vegetarian lifestyle.
I was a little uneasy about eating meat in front her, but she was not the type to hold it against me(always "the", charming lady). 
I haven't eaten any meat since. Just last weekend she 
wrapped up a photo shoot for her latest creations.
look for them on her Etsy page. 
In our opinion, and those of her
already growing fan base, she is, one of the best new jewelry designers in Fort Greene BKLYN.

If you would like to know more
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Article by K.K.W