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This months cover,
photo, layout, & text by K.K.W
Music in the L.E.S (Lower East Side of Manhattan). Photos & text by K.K.W

New York City has almost as many musicians as it does artists, and though the city has many places for them to perform, few have what Spectrum offers.
Valerie Kuehne,
Felix Morelo & Glenn Cornett
Emerging from the "New Spectrum Foundation" which was started in 2009 for the support of innovation in arts, Spectrum opened in 2012 in part to compensate for the for the other Manhattan venues that had either moved to Brooklyn or disappeared altogether. Both Spectrum and the foundation were started by Glenn Cornett MD PhD, who himself is a composer and performer. 

Located @ 121 Ludlow street in a former synagogue not to far from the Williamsburg bridge, in an area of the city thats currently under-going gentrification ( into a posh playground. This is one aspect part of why previous venues have left the area for other parts. The venue is optimized for the presentation of innovative music and multimedia. Featuring state of the art acoustics with a stellar audio system, via the great talent of Lawrence De Martin ( The sound system is dedicated to natural presentation of electro-acoustic ensembles and unbalanced acoustic orchestrations. This enables electronic music to compete on equal basis with traditional instruments for quality of sound, and facile incorporation of micro sounds.


Valerie Kuehne- Cellist. 
What makes Spectrum a great venue is the intimate feeling; cozy and open, like your in some ones home that just happens to be a place where musical performances take place. Its a modern take on "Salons" of old where artists, musicians, poets, other creatives gathered with friends and fans alike. Events have featured such greats as John Likides, Felix Morelo, Caroline Chin, Brain Snow and Michael Waller. Spectrum is really coming together to bring you some of the best music on the Lower East Side (experimental, classical, progressive rock, and Jazz). In a way its both innovative and yet relaxed with a feel like your at home.   

Violin and Violoncello Duo's

Caroline Chin & Brain Snow: Violin and Violoncello Duo's

Michael Waller, Caroline Chin & Brain Snow:
Violin and Violoncello Duo's
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