Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Stick night" : NYX festival @ Spectrum

This months cover,
photo by K.K.W
Experimental & Prog music festival part 1, 8/10/12. Text & photos by K.K.W

Greg Howard
It was a hot & humid day with the night being a little better, the crowd was sizable, eager to hear what Brett Bottomley, Rob Martino, Steve Adelson, Michael Bernier, Bright Brown and Greg Howard had to offer. All of the musicians being 'Chapman Stick' ( players made for an interesting event, although that fact added even more uniformity when came to the overall aspect of the event. The music as a whole seemed to have the same feel to it- easy listening, coming off a bit tame, yet still enjoyable.    

As with all new venues, Spectrums first music festival had a lot of energy, and a good line up. If were not for the build up of heat in the space, which the AC did little to help, and no Alcohol served or for sale (cold water was given out after a while), it would have been even better. When it's the first time often a fair amount of little things get over looked. However it was a good event, showing serious potential for better festivals in the future.   

Glenn Cornett - Right operator of Spectrum  

Brett Bottomley 
Brett Bottomley

Greg Howard
Rob Martino
If you would like to know more, go to "Art is the reason, art is the way".  

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