Friday, February 28, 2014

Q&A with K.K.W

This months cover by K.K.W,
with layout by Aleksandar Ares.
A series of straight-forward questions. By Aleksandar Ares.

Arguably one of the most interesting, albeit at times, intense, crazy, unpredictable, destructive and hard working "artists" around. Kerwin Williamson is a strange person.

A.A: Being as your from the Caribbean and have been living in NYC for a while now, why is it your accent is so... Un-New York?

K.K.W: I was born with an aptitude for speaking, and grew-up watching movies, film, and reading whatever I could get [without prejudice] from any and all parts of the world. Much of this sank into who I became - characters I would imitate, to become them [in my own way]. Not growing up entrenched in Ebonics, though having it around me, I created something else. Few can speak as I.

A.A: In the space of 8 years you've gone from "comic-book illustration", to abstract painting, art-curation,  film-photography, digital-photography, event-photography to writing about art, & music, then digital-art and small - level international art promotion. What brought all this out?

K.K.W:  At some point I hated the fact that I only had a few great pieces of art-work in my portfolio, that I only created sometimes and was not driven enough. A friend of mine from The High School Of Art & Design, Abede Lovelace started his own comic-book story line - which spurred me to do the same. I began re-reading art book's, going to museums and galleries, looking at what others were doing. Increasingly, I came into contact with people whose ideas of "art" challenged my own. Being around the "Painting in New York" group, I think inspired me to start painting. Irina Sarnetskaya inspired my push into photography [a falling-out with a friend I lived with, was romantic with, who was at the time my muse - Monika, also pushed me.]. When I started photographing events in December of 2010, I realized that there was need for this, the promotion of and critical writing for creative people that are not in the mainstream spotlight.   

A.A: Everyones talking about it [even if they won't admit it], why so much interest in the East of Europe [especially The Republic Of Macedonia]?

K.K.W: As a young boy, as I started learning more about Europe, the East always seemed....wild, strange, unknown. Stories about Vampires almost always lead to the East of Europe (Bram Stokers Dracula). Aside from that, the countries there always seemed intresting; any documentaries, or historical specials on PBS, BBC America, History Channel etc, kept my interest. The first person I met from the East was a young girl named Anna [of Kiev - capital of  Ukraine]. We were both at The High School Of Art & Design, and she was the most amazing female I had ever met. No female before or after could compare. When it comes to Macedonia, I met a young woman from Skopje named Ana. She was...quite interesting. Through her I became friends on FB with many people from her home city, started attending events at GalleryMC [they show a lot of art form Macedonia & South East Europe]. I wanted to learn more about were she came from [at the time I knew very little], so I asked questions, started reading, then writing about artist, musicians, fashion designers etc, from her country. I suppose, I got more then I bargained for; friends, knowledge, arguments, stupid mistakes, and great moments.

A.A:You seem to have gone from...being in-control dealing with people and networking, to a seeming wreck at times. Is it the rigors of it all, mental problems, or over-indulgence in alcohol [or all of the above]?

K.K.W: I think...or know, that its all of the above. Its not easy dealing with people that are "in it for themselves", and may not agree with your ideas. Trying to be neutral, work with others, be free, live in the moment while coping with your own demons is greater struggle then you think. I try to take supplement's & nootropic's in order to stay healthy, activate more of my cognitive functions and stay "sane". However, when the mind is too active, its hard to control it and ones emotions. 

A.A: Are you an Alcoholic?

K.K.W: No, I'm not, but I like to pretend I am. I don't yearn for a drink while at work, at home working on creative endeavors, or writing for the art-blog. However, I do like the "sauce", and have built up quite a tolerance for it. Then again, deception about such things tends to work to your advantage [look at Bruce Wayne].

A.A:An aspect of your current project, the 2nd part [Rise Of The Young Ones], deals in dim-reflections, duality, themes of dark, light,  death & revival. Aside from art and research going into this - is it a projection of your personality?

K.K.W: I would have to say yes, it is a projection of my personality, although I certainly didn't see it that way at first. I think through art [when your born gifted], you discover more of who you are, what appeals to you, and what you would like others to understand about themselves.  For a while I thought about what the 2nd part should be called, then seeing the trailers and Ad-posters for "The Dark Knight Rises", it came to me. On the one hand, its about what gave rise to modern architecture and urban change, on the other hand its a call to others to Rise [as the Ad-poster for the movie simply stated: Rise].       

Aleksandar Ares is an emerging art critic, journalist, graphic artist and poet from Morocco. K.K.W is an emerging visual artist, curator, art critic, journalist, poet and internationalist.  
If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"  

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