Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meredith Dustin

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout by K.K.W
                 "Dust":by Meredith Dustin. 

                                               The faces turn to paper
                                               The paper turns to flame
                                               The flame turns to smoke
                                              And the city is empty again

Meredith Dustin. Original photo
courtesy of the artist, digital augmentation
by K.K.W.
                                  The longest moment of our lives as you fell
                                             Three thousand heartbeats--
                           The last four were mine, when there was emptiness
                                                Where once stood life
                                              And when a smiling face
                                            Reduced to smoke and ashes,
                                           A memory like dust in my eyes.

                                            You think that I'm just a kid
                                  Staring into a world I don't yet understand
                                            Where you're grabbing a gun
                                       And claiming justice for these ashes

                                                 But under these ashes
                                                       Is my home
                                          And I'm trying to put the towers
                                                      Back together
                                I'm trying to hold the sky up on my shoulders
                                             So it doesn't fall on us again

                                                     Under these ashes
                                                         Is our city

                                                    Under these ashes
                                              Is an unmarked mass grave
                                                     Under these ashes
                                       There are no angels, there is no God,
                                   There are no martyrs to bleed for their faith
                                                 Our gospel has burned
                                              And we are burning with it
                                                 Hands gray with ashes
                                         Souls red with our collective blood
                                          The passion we have all bled for
                                      We have all suffered for it long enough
                             We will cry until our tears can wash the ashes away
                                        And we can amputate the parts of us
                                              That still want to be afraid

                                               That were faces on the wall
                                             Blowing away in the fiery winds
                                      And I am still chasing the fluttering images
                                                   Trying to catch them
                                                   And bring them back

Meredith Dustin.
Original photo courtesy of the artist.
digital augmentation by K.K.W
Arguably a seriously talented emerging writer, with a dark creative edge, hovering near the light. Her writing is often filled with passion, imagination, and clever metaphors giving rise to other worlds. 

If you would like to know more, go to:  "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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