Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eye of the Beholder

Poster designed by K.K.W, with layout by
Aleksandar Ares.
Model: Abe Ana Choveche.   

For all the time our eyes roam, we see but don't always feel, as the 
days pass and the years fade away. 
Textures, colors, patterns and forms can hardly hold our favor on their own. 

And the eye that gazes like a hawk taking a bird, 

living through so many cycles, is eager to project what he's seen.  Digital art by K.K.W, curated by Aleksander Ares. 

The streets can be a lonely gallery; where the ignorant, the blind, 
and the hustlers roam. But then, how can "art" 
compare to money, sex & getting an i-phone?
Between the dream and waking, I've never known her name, 
only the voice that touched me. It lingers in the wake of my bitterness; 
through the grimy streets...between the leaves, 
where lofty towers block-out the sun. 
Just before the horizon, gazing like a hawk looking for a bird, 
through so many cycles, eager to project what he's seen. 
I've had those visions of strange eyes staring back at me. 
In silence she speaks with a delicate glance, 
a constant stream directed through complete belief.
Order and chaos defines the people "In The City"; 
the organic merged with the inorganic. 
Built on lines that will be defied, their towers now scrape the sky.
Glass, steel and dreams within dreams are the soul. 
The landscape is an ever changing  template of their existence. 
Extended moments like a slow wave
....through the eternal sea.
 A shadow on a pane glass is hardly seen. 
It has no master; only a connection to a decaying body. 
Bitter cold and smokeless fire, they can scorch our minds, 
leaving ideas that burn like vanity and pride. 
The Jinn are crafty as they are frightening. 
Linear patterns an geometric shapes can't keep nature at bay. 
Her children are relentless, as some seek control and others a balance.
As time flows like birds on the wind, we learn to be still and bathe in the moment. 
We are constant in our forgetting, and yet taken back through the years,
to places where crystal memories are warmed by the sun. 
If nothing else, we are an intimate collection of moments,
held together by the force of our will.
We are not what we see, only what we make of it.   

If you would like to see more art-work by K.K.W, go List of faces:
1: street art found on Canal street near Walker, downtown Manhattan (Artist unknown). 2:Jeanann Dara, composer & musician. 3:K.K.W, 4:Abe Ana Choveche, Jazz singer from Skopje, 4:Delphine Fawundu Buford, visual artist, 5:Derrick Adams, visual artist, 6: Street art found on Canal street, near Walker (artist unknown) & K.K.W. 7: Genoveva, singer from Skopje. 8:Rose Parsons, 9:Fani Hristova, DJ from Skopje, 10:Leni Von Geleva, visual artist from Skopje. 

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