Saturday, July 5, 2014


This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout by K.K.W
Through silence emerges the voice of the artist: "Unspoken" by K.K.W

While the rest of America will pay homage to our "patriotic founding fathers",
I'll shine the light on some who embody [by their actions], what independence have given rise to.

On a recent trip to Italy, Glendalys Medina and Stephanie Lindquist [

"Master Dabblers"
], met two bright young meditative, modern yogi's; Jessica Kung Dreyfus and Stephane Dreyfus. 

Both Dreyfus' had recently engaged in a 450-day silent retreat - as part of meditation & spiritual cleansing.

From left to right: Stephane & Jessica Dreyfus,
Stephanie Lindquist & Glendalys Medina
@ the release event. 
The meeting came at a great time, as Medina was struggling with her creativity. The notion of silence [which can be meditative], of leaving behind the frustration of the situation [which can be tough] often leads to a solution. 

Stephanie Lindquist & Glendalys Medina
Left to right - middle.
After she had a breakthrough they endeavored, along with her partner Stephanie  Lindquist, and created the "Unspoken Kit" [Through silence emerges the voice of the artist]. It contains a workbook, 4 wooden boundary markers, 3 paint markers and wire. If given an honest chance it can help one through periods of of turmoil, writers/artist block. Often enough being so close to frustrations about our lives, work or various relationships, can blind us to the benefits of a simple remedy. 

Stephanie Lindquist (right)

Stephane Dreyfus & Jessica Kung Dreyfus
Stephane Dreyfus & Jessica Kung Dreyfus
Stephane Dreyfus & Jessica Kung Dreyfus
If you would like to know more, go, 'Art is the reason, art is the was'

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