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"Nymph()maniac":[film review]

This months cover by K.K.W,
with layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Original "Street-art" found on Canal street,
near Walker street (downtown Manhattan),
artist unknown
Those who say Nymph()maniac is a porn movie, didn't watch it carefully. 
BY Leni von Geleva (edited by K.K.W).

The explicit scenes with nudity do not make this film (1 & 2) a porn. Between those scenes there are lengthy conversations on serious topics like religion, music, sex, and even mathematics you won't find in any other film. 
Lars von Trier proves with every one of his movie that he is the philosopher of our time, and what I personally like is his provocative character. He mocks those calling him a Nazi, by trying to explain his view on Nazism and anti-semitism in this film. One of the main characters in "Nymph()maniac..." is Seligman, who is a Jew and who himself says he is anti- Zionist, which is not the same as being anti-semite.
He also talks with admiration about German culture, especially German music, like Bach, Wagner and Beethoven. Lars von Trier has been criticized a lot for the technical aspect of his films. When it comes to photography, he can be the master, (as a fan of Carl Theodor Dreyer, von Trier even has his coat in his possession; it is noticeable he studied him carefully) just watch his films Europa, The Element of Crime, or even Melancholia in which there are a few scenes that are a masterpiece of European cinematography.

But he decides to break all the rules intentionally, and not out of lack of knowledge (which is again part of his provocative nature). He also pays respect to his favorite directors Tarkovsky and Kubrick by using music from their films.
In the end, this film is about love, most of all, just as Breaking the Waves is, but from a different point of view; even the under-title itself says it, "forget about love". Although Joe (the main character) persistently denies loves, she is still not completely unaffected by it. Her relationship with her father is the purest love, then also her relationships with Jerome and P. grow into love. Whereas P. is someone who she identifies with and she unselfishly wants to help, but P. as her true successor shows no empathy for her in the end.
Eventually almost everyone of us, has had experience with failed love in their lives, only here it is matter of a sickness - which the society condemns and fails to understand. That's why she manages to have sympathy even for a pedophile, who has suppressed his urge all his life and has never hurt anyone, because they both have something in common; unaccepted sexuality and loneliness.

Leni von Geleva, photo by Sandra Hartleb.
Leni von Geleva is a well-known visual artist from The Republic Of Macedonia, working in photography. Aside from her pursuit of creativity, writing is something she is working towards perfecting. She has an immense knowledge of culture and is always up for a good debate. 

If you would like to know more about her art, go to: 'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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