Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Palestine: increasing awareness [part 2].

This months cover by K.K.W,
with layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Original "Street-art" found on Canal street,
near Walker street (downtown Manhattan),
artist unknown
Palestine: Documentaries & films to increase 
awareness. By Aleksandar Ares.

With yet another round of hostilities between the military wing of Hamas & Israel, the rest of the world watches through the media & social networks. Most of us know little of beginnings of the situation between the two countries, or the region know as Palestine. This is a very good film that is not meant to give all info about the lives of Palestinian's, but a dramatic look at the choices and actions of two young men (similar to others who end up in the same place). I had first seen the trailer for Paradise Now on the DVD for Good Night and Good Luck. At the time I didn't watch it, that was much later, but I found it was quite good and moving. I hope you enjoy it, cheers. 

If you would like to know more, go 'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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