Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Family Dynamics": @ South Paw

It was the beginning of the week and finally the weather seemed to be coming around. April 3rd was shaping up to be a great day, and the night would be even better. The ride over from the Bowery poetry club(Gato Loco was on) was as quick as my entry into South Paw, where "Family Dynamics" was flowing like the mighty Mississippi. A tricked out quartet of harmonized, bona fide! young lords of fusion rock. Keyboards, guitars, a laptop, violin, drums, a harp and bullhorn, thats right, a bullhorn! people. They went there, oh yes they did. Laura Ortman(lead singer/violin/guitar), Shelley Burgon(Singer/keyboards), Shannon fields(Keyboard/piano/guitar), and the man carrying "the beat",  Ryan Sawyer, all former members of "Stars like flea's". After some of the other members left they closed ranks, changed the name, dried their eyes, and carried on. Thank God(s)! really. Their sound made me think of Joni Mitchell and Radiohead, meets Noon:30. Deep melodic notes with the beat beat, beat, climbing sharply,  blending with the light. This is from hearing only two songs. All I needed to know that something was there. Alluring and sublime. This show @ South Paw(125 5th ave, Park slope Bklyn)is the closing event for the Native American film festival, which happens every two years in early April. I first heard about the festival from a friend(Philippa Anderson)in 2009. This is what makes N.Y.C. so damn good. The festival is a wonderful gathering of pioneering independent film markers, doing what they do best,
creating beauty and bring awareness. The bar, South Paw, is awesome. Dimly light, enough room to dance, chairs to sit, some tables, wonderful bar "nick-nacks", and affordable drinks. Bathrooms are good(a few ladies did not like the scale in said bathroom, they soundly let the doorman feel their contempt. (As if he cared.). If only they served food. There I was, late, but got some very good shots, looking to get drunk, and there's no food. By midnight most if not all the eateries are closed. If they had a menu they would clean-up like a fine,  greasy burger shack next to bar that has no damn food.  "Family Dynamics" was unavailable for Q&A, but Mr fields has assured me they are up for that, and more exposure. In the mean time their on "Face", so click to like luv:) And when I know more, you'll know more(but not everything). Until then, Cheers!  
Studio-Phoenix would like to thank "Family Dynamics" for keeping it real, making the music and scene. "Sail on Sailors, Sail on".
"Art is the reason, Art is the way". K.K.W(all photos by K.K.W, canon IXY)

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Darnise said...

too bad you didn't videotape it, I would've loved to hear them.