Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview: Anglea Mignone

@ the "February show", Feb 17th 
2011, I met one of the most interesting jewelry designers in Fort Greene Bklyn, Angela Mignone. 

SP: How long have you been designing jewelry?

AM: I've been metal-smithing for 2.5 now.
I took my first class, fell in love and did
a swan dive into the world of shiny, pretty things.

SP: As far as catalyst's go , what got you going?

AM: I've done a few things in the past involving cutting, filing, sanding, soldering and I really like the process. I also wanted
to make jewelry I wanted to wear but couldn't find in a store.

SP: Your designs are made for women, men or both?

AM: Primarily I design for women, but I will create designs
for men on commission. In general women purchase and wear
more jewelry so there's a higher demand.

SP: Does your work evoke the feel of a particular era,
and if not would you like it to?

AM: My most recent pieces are inspired by kung-fu swords
with a sci-fi/futuristic type feel. I feel a strong draw towards
things yet to be.

SP: What kind of Metal(s) do you use in your designs?

AM: For the most part I use sterling silver.

SP: What is it about this that excites you?

AM: I get excited about turning nothing into a beautiful something.
I'll have an idea for a piece that just pops into my head and 
even if I can't draw it to perfection, I can somehow create
it out of metal.

Angela, thanks for taking the time for this interview.
I can't wait to see the new creations and the latest pic's
from the photo shoot.  Cheers.

Interview by K.K.W

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