Friday, September 5, 2014

Filip Panovski

This months cover by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout & original photo by K.K.W.
On the cover, Filip Panovski. 
"Electric Reptility" & the R-complex; video-art by Panovski. By K.K.W
Filip Panovski, photo by K.K.W
There's a retro-primitive feel to the video - a strange connection to an ancient past
that has been forgotten by the common man, let lurks in subconscious of some.
It creates a fine line between art and idolatry; a subjective moodiness that shifts from light to dark, then back again. 
Still-shot from "Electric Reptility".
Photo by K.K.W, courtesy of the artist. 
While man in the generic sense considers itself superior, he longs [secretly] to return to the primitive; after all, the "reptilian brain"/R-complex [the brain stem] in humans is very similar with the brains of reptiles. And though mankind is warm-blooded, we often behave in a "cold-blooded" way that goes against the nature of civilization. The sculpture features a humanoid face with a body thats not totally reptilian, nor fully human, as it clings to what appears to be 3 books. Its mute, pensive, almost expressionless face stares forward with complete impunity.
Still-shot from "Electric Reptility".
Photo by K.K.W, courtesy of the artist.
Panovski's directing and editing is both subtle in its style yet powerful, which parallels the simplicity of the sculpture. The camera circles the subject like the members of a cult gathering around the icon of their deity. The strange movement 
from light to dark permeates the visuals like the first rising signs, of an acid-frenzy. Mirjana Nedeva's camera control is hypnotic, drawing you towards the sculpture, reinforcing the intensity and the moody feel. She certainly has a lot of skill. The music works in pace with the visuals, holding the other aspects together; an elegant-electronic, slightly-somber, pulsating, dark, digital-wave. 
Still-shot from "Electric Reptility".
Photo by K.K.W, courtesy of the artist.
Showing remarkable depth, skill and vision, "Electric Reptility" is a multi-layered, minimalist work that speaks in volumes. Its creativity simplicity is matched and parallel's the intriguing, and disturbing aspects its subconscious meaning. 

If you would like to know more, & or watch the video, go to: 'Art is the reason, art is the way'

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