Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This months by Aleksandar Ares,
with layout & original photo by K.K.W.
On the cover, Filip Panovski. 
Art and Animals: fighting the good fight. By K.K.W.
All art work by Ruzica (1-5)

Prior to meeting her in person for the first time [Skopje, of April 2014], we had been connected on Facebook, although I knew little about her. After meeting in the city center I was surprised at her passionate caring for animals, and more so at her visual creativity. 
Ruzica [which means Rose].
Photo courtesy of the artist,
editing by K.K.W
She seemed the type of person destined for animal rights activism, having been caring for animals since childhood [collecting them as well]. Apparently she heard a lamb being killed for Easter and vomited; choosing through this trauma never to eat meat again. And given the conservative nature of her country [The Republic of Macedonia], this was & still is quite difficult in many ways. 
Untitled #1, image courtesy of the artist.
Resolving to help improve the appalling situation of animal rights and care, she recently joined Anima Mundi Organization [based in Skopje].  "We are animal rights activists trying to raise awareness in our conservative society. It’s a slow and hard process, but I’m more than motivated. It’s so rewarding. The satisfaction I feel when I get one of my foster kids adopted, or I hear one of my recent friends stopped eating meat, stopped wearing leather… My heart is filled. I think this is my calling." Ruzica  has also been working with foster children and some from the Roma part of her society [Gypsies]. All of this is no easy task and certainly takes a staggering amount of dedication on her part.   
Untitled #2, image courtesy of the artist.
When it comes to art and creativity she told me "..I’ll blame the genes for this one, I’ve always known I will be an artist of some kind." She one two first prizes in an international drawing & painting contest early on, attended the state high school of applied arts, then went to university in Sofia Bulgaria. Being a movie addict she began to move towards costume design, having an obvious eye for detail, a flair for style and fashion ("... I’m a movie addict and a huge fan of Milena Canonero A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Marie Antoinette…It was somehow logical..."). With a simple illustrated style she creates vivid, interesting designs that could certainly be amazing costumes for screen, stage, a day spent lounging or an evening out. Her ink-pen & color approach gives a lively 3-D feel to what's only 2-D [a piece of paper]. 
Untitled #3, image courtesy of the artist.
"..Unfortunately Macedonia is a small country so we are lucky if there are three movies produced annually. You can imagine the chances of getting the work as a costume designer. Slim." Her portrait drawings? Stunning in their realism, elegant in the line work. Each one shows not just an ability to draw what she see, but something of the essence of the subjects. Each one seems like a moment, not frozen in time, but always about to move and come to life. 
Untitled #4, image courtesy of the artist.
"Now, I’ve started doing illustrations and anything that has to do with drawing, sketching, short-term projects. From photography to animation. I am interested in everything and slowly learning. Even worked as a sculptor for a brief period of time. I’m all over the place, because of my character and the fact that I live in Mkd. You just have to adjust."
Untitled #5, image courtesy of the artist.
Ruzica - digital art by K.K.W,
original photo of Ruzica courtesy of the artist.
If you would like to know more, go "Art is the reason, art is the way".

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