Monday, September 1, 2014

Kasiopeja Naumoska

This months cover by K.K.W,
with layout by Aleksandar Ares.
Original photo by Ivan Durgutovski. 
A visual stream of consciousness: Kasiopeja Naumoska. By K.K.W 
Kasiopeja Naumoska. Photo courtesy of the artist.
For all the talk of abstract, expressionism, post this, post that, its all for not. There are those that paint what they see & others who paint what they feel, or a combination of the two. Then there are the few who create from some place else;
a voice inside the mind, or part of their soul.
Mr. Paradise oil on canvas 25 x 25 cm 2014. Image courtesy of the artist.
There's a darkness that hovers close to the light in Kasiopeja's paintings, beauty marred by the pain of reality. A story is told in 2-dimensional fury leaving open the door to the 3rd dimension. Sometimes bold lines are placed with intensity, accentuated by fierce quick brush-strokes. Figures who's forms are simply defined, faces that seem to tell a story and yet have only the beginnings of individuality - hidden from all [maybe even themselves]. Like Prometheus chained, their voices are heard only by those who can understand the pain, anger and the beauty of it.
Me and no one - oil on canvas 20x25 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.
There's a tenderness that permeates one of her strongest pieces; framed by dark and muted colors on the left, with burst of fire on the right [Never more]. No sun although there is light, a warmth flows out from the sadness of it, a feeling of regret or sorrow on the face of the figure. Has its world been reduced to ash like that of Carthage? Or seen heaven scorched when the Adversary was defeated & fell quick like lighting? If the bird it holds is a crow, perhaps the figure feels sorrow because of the message it brings. Whatever the reason, its a fantastic painting full of mystery, feeling and deeper meaning. 
NEVER MORE 80x80 cm, oil on canvas 2014 Image courtesy of the artist.
Kasiopeja's paintings are an amazing example of contemporary visual-art from The Republic of Macedonia. Vivid and muted colors fused with intense lines, thick layers of paint along with light strokes create worlds that are somewhat alien, and yet oddly familiar. 

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