Thursday, January 20, 2011

Galapagos Art space: 12/30/2010

Galapagos Art space 12/30/10- MC's Chris & Will

The ambiance of the place is wonderful.

Noon:30 warming up, Blue @ the mic, Vivianne on drums

This girl was taking a shot with a Digital, I set my camera for a long exposure, then moved it for effect.

Reflection of Blue(Noon:30) on the waters surface
Noon:30 warming up
Noon:30 @ Galapagos Art space 12/30/10

Just after the show, Galapagos Art space

Noon:30 @ Galapagos Art space 12/30/10

Behind two people(balcony)
Blue(mic)and Aissa(guitar)noon:30

Blue and Aissa: Noon:30
Alton(left)and Jeanee(right)

Jeanee looking through costumes
Jeanee adjusting the dress she made for part of the show

Madeline Hoak wearing Jeanee's  dress

Madeline Hoak wearing jeanee's dress

Madeline Hoak: Aerial robot(Theme of the performance)
Madeline Hoak: Aerial robot(one of the hosts adjusts her hand to touch the cloth&shes starts to move)
Madeline Hoak: Aerial Dancer in the dark
Madeline Hoak: Aerial dancer
Madeline Hoak: Aerial dancer

Madeline Hoak: Aerial dancer(May in-fact be Bat-girl)


Madeline Hoak: Aerial dancer

Dyalekt on stage

Dyalekt on stage
Hurrikane & NoNo warming up.

Vivianne(Noon:30) speaking to a friend

DJ: Meta Physic

The Bar (the drinks were great, kept me feeling motherf*&#king fine)
Hurrikane & NoNo on stage(a folk dance performance)

Hurrikane & NoNo

Hurrikane & NoNo

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