Monday, January 24, 2011

Madeline Hoak(Acrobatic/Aerial dancer)

Madeline Hoak
@ The Galapagos art space.

Imagine: grace, strength, balance, beauty and agility suspended from a length of fine cloth,  on a stage awash...
in glorious light. This is Madeline Hoak,
her aerial acrobatic performance 
is a thing of maddening delights.
Bending, twisting, turning, all while
holding her self up with arms, legs,
either or, creating a seemingly effortless
display of acrobatic movement. 
Her act is an intense, many splendid thing to behold, it takes you away and brings you back safe and happy.
 A former native of Worcester Massachusetts, she studied dance and Theater at Muhlenberg Collage. A New Yorker for some years now(Thank god, we need all the talent we can get) miss Hoak is currently dancing with the Daniel Gwirtzman dance company(They performed Encore @ the the Joyce, SoHo). She has also performed @ the JCC theater N.Y.C in the "Aerial Dance festival" 2010. A stunning performer, she has worked and danced with Chriselle Tidrick and Dilshod Djalilou to name a few. Aside from all this Miss Hoak also teaches her Acrobatic forte to those willing to learn( Improved Health, strength, flexibility, and grace might all be yours dear reader(for a small fee of course)if you have the stuff  to learn her skill. Here is one image(upper left) of the amazing Madeline doing her thing at the Galapagos art space(Photo by K.K.W) along with a number of other wonderful acts, check out all the photos on the Blog, leave a comment, tell us what you think dear reader. 
"Art is the reason, Art is the way"


Anonymous said...

I really love the intense color and vibe of the Photos.
And the writing is very good. I would like to see more about this.


Anonymous said...

This was such a nice read, I might have try this soon.
Madeline is awesome. I'd like to see more photos of her, maybe a little closer. I really like ur Artist take on the subject but closer still shot would make this perfect.


Anonymous said...

Great story. Yahoo needs to hire you all to write for them. Keep posting , please:)


Anonymous said...

God damn it! why have I not heard of this before?
I must see more. Really nice article, pic's are powerful.