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Q&A Interview: Madeline Hoak

Madeline Hoak: "Retreat 6"
Photo courtesy of miss Hoak

Madeline Hoak: "Retreat 5"
photo courtesy of miss Hoak

Madeline Hoak: Aerial Dancer
photo courtesy of miss Hoak
Madeline Hoak @ Galapagos 
Art space 12/30/10(K.K.W photo) 
Q&A Interview: By K.K.W

Madeline Hoak

SP: I saw by your facebook page your not a originally from N.Y.C, how long have you been
a New Yorker? 

MH: I have lived in New York since the fall of 2006,
so almost 4.5 years. I took a summer and lived in Seattle for three months, so sometimes it feels like it's
been less than that. other days I look at all I've been 
able to do in that short amount of time and it feels like
I've always lived here.

SP: Is their a name you prefer to use for your performance's?

MH: I don't have a stage name. I've always loved my
name, I think I'm the only Madeline Hoak in the world
(according to google anyway)and my performance's have never called for an alternate persona.

SP: What made you get into this kind of performance art?

MH: I've always been a dancer, since I was 4 or 5. I trained through high school and then got  my degree in collage. When I move to N.Y.C my friend, Annie, was taking these aerial classes and thought
I would love it. She was right! I was hooked. I trained a lot that fall, started teaching in 2007, and soon branched off into private lessons and gig's. As a performer, I find aerial to be a satisfying
combination of Strength, grace, and theatrics.

SP: How long did you work @ it before first performing?

MH: I performed only a few months after starting my training.
It was a low key; student showing, but it was a great way to
show off my new skills and get used to doing aerial in front
of an audience.

SP: Are your routines inspired by another art form or style
of performance art?

MH: When I create work its usually
for a specific venue or event.
First and foremost there is the ceiling height of the venue
to take into consideration. This can dictate a lot of what
you can do and don't do, especially
when your working on aerial silks.
If the event has a theme, I incorporate that into
my musical selection and then create
the choreography from the music.
Sometimes people just want an ambient performance
which allows me the most freedom to Choreograph.
I'm currently working on a Lyra(hoop) piece.
I've only taken a few classes in what is traditionally
done on the Lyra. Currently exploring the apparatus on its own.
Music really inspires me, sculpture often does,
sometimes I dream choreography, literally.
Mostly I like problem solving. I like being in the studio
with a particular character or challenge in mind,
or a story to tell, and find the best way to communicate that.

SP: You must be in fantastic shape, are the performances really exhausting?

MH: I never go to the gym, I sort of hate gyms.
I would so much rather be in rehearsal, class,
or be teaching to stay in shape. I do what I do often
enough that it usually is more of an issue
of strengthening one particular move
or sequence of moves. Stamina comes and goes,
but that builds as you're working towards
performing a piece. If I know I'm going to be away from
dance or aerial for a while, I will make a conscious effort
to take a class, or work out at home. I love outdoor sports:
hiking, swimming, and skiing,
so I try to do that when I'm out of the city.

SP: At current, are there any other art forms
your working in or taking an interest in?

MH: I've been sewing a lot lately. Its a hobby,
but I enjoy it as an art form tool.
I've dabbled in a lot of things purely for enjoyments sake:
piano, guitar, Jewelry making, drawing, knitting,
and crafting in general. I've learned that I'm happiest
when I'm moving, making things, or teaching others the skills I have. So I try to keep all those thing in my life
as often as possible.

Madeline, thanks for the interview dear lady:)
If you would like info on a Aerial class:

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