Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Music = Noon:30

Noon:30 @ Galapagos Art space 
12/30/10(first N.Y.C show)
Noon:30 @ Galapagos Art space, 
12/30/10(first N.Y.C show)
Pulsating, hard-hitting vibrations, carried along
a tough, smooth, gentle voice(Blue on vocals),
brings you in and never
lets you go. This is-
"French song", one of four
powerful tracks that await you!
dear reader, on "And so it is"
Noon:30's smash EP.

I  first heard their wonderous
sound @ my friend Jeanee's
Apt/studio space back in Nov
of 2010. The sound was amazing, reminded me of
Elastica and Skunk Anansie.
I hadn't been that excited about new music since
I heard Mattafix and Amy Winehouse. Every once in while something really exciting
comes along that isn't really known, but damn sure will be. Noon:30  is three beautiful young women, Vivianne on drums/visuals, Aissa on guitar, bass and electronic sound, and  Blue on vocals and bass. They have quite a bit to say and oh so many ways to say it. "Absynthe" is a far reaching song probing down and about some where memories float about,  like wispy left behinds of a warm bong. Its the sirens call that brings you out into the night looking for love. Their music has a slight punk quality with a little tech and a deep resonating personal feeling. They strike a major cord when listened to so give it a go. You can find their CD on Amazon, CDbaby, or I-tunes, and for all the kid kid, kiddies who love retro-futuristic images, the teddy bear illustration for the cover is way cool. Look for them on reverbnation.  Stay Sharp, stay red, stay listening and don't let the man get u down.
This article is dedicated to my friend Jeanee, thanks for putting me on.
If you would like to know!/noon30 


Anonymous said...

Good write-up, it seems like they have something.
I wish I had seen this sooner. If you write about them again have some more pic's and info:)
I'm gonna check out their EP.


Anonymous said...

Nice job, a little light on info but big on feeling and emotion. I love it when I get into an not-so well known band that really good. I might have to take a listen to their EP.


Anonymous said...

Good write-up, I like the way you express ur feelings
about the music. And the photos are really nice.
"wispy left behinds of a warm bong", kick-ass!
Looking forward to more posts.