Thursday, July 7, 2011

AIM Exhibit @ The Bronx Museum of Art

AIM, or Artist in the Marketplace, is a program through which a dual Exhibition(Bronx Calling & Taking AIM) involving 72 artist's showcasing some of their creations at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. The artists in the exhibition were all part of the museums 13 week program(AIM). "Since 1980, the Artist In the Marketplace program has marked the museums on going commitment to support artists by providing training, encouragement, and a venue for exhibition". This is the 30th anniversary of the program, so the museum and Wave Hill hosted the first AIM Biennial. The dual exhibit-Bronx calling and Taking AIM- is curated by Wayne Northcross, Jose Ruiz, Marysol Nieves and Monica Espinel. One of the artist in the exhibit, Glendalys Medina, said "In art school, they don't prepare you for anything else but the creative side. I needed input on the business side of it"(1). Medina's creations, "The Shank",  is a stylish mixed-media piece incorporating yarn, nails and wood. Aside from The Bronx Museum of the Arts Glendalys was featured @ Dash Gallery(DD172) in Tribeca. An exhibit called DIY-(Do it Yourself). The show was curated by Derrick Adams, himself an amazing artist. I had met her while I was an intern at the Gallery(The brain-child of Damon Dash). Her artwork, @ DD172 & Bronx museum, has a beautiful, modern-urban design feel to it. At once you know,  this is someone who takes creativity to almost any field, and brings something back. Art you have to put in a beautiful room somewhere. She's the type of artist who walks into a hardware store and starts combining objects in her mind. Glendalys( )will also be performing spoken word at Wave Hill on July 10th. "I'm really shy, so it'll be terrifying to stand there in front of people and performing. But thats why I'm doing it. Its about empowering myself and doing thing's I wouldn't normally do"(2). The Bronx Museum of the Arts is the flagship cultural institution of the Bronx and was founded in 1971. It focuses on 20th century and contemporary art, while serving the culturally diverse populations of the Bronx and the greater New York metropolitan area. The exhibit will be open to the public until September 5th 2011. If you would like to know  Article & photos by K.K.W. Video By Menetho1. Quotes(1&2) from the Daily News online article by Tanyanika Samuels. "Art is the reason, Art is the way"    
Glendalys and her Dad
A few of the guest's that Sunday

The amazing piece on Display in the lobby area.
Sadly I forgot to get the name of the creator.

One of Chris Bors pieces, "All out war"
One of the curators, Wayne Northcross
being interviewed by one of our many rivals.

The bar area on the 2nd floor. When I finally
made it up there I couldn't believe Beer and Wine
was still available. Happy days in the Bronx:)

Glendalys Medina's "The Shank"