Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clinical Trials @ The Northside festival

On the Alternate cover this month
Somer[left] and Caryn: Clinical Trials
If you remember anything this summer as far as music, Clinical Trials is it. One of the outrageously vibrant, electro-infused rock bands featured @ The Northside festival[started by The L-Magazine]. The band is a female duo featuring singer/guitarist Somer Bingham and drummer Caryn[replacing Cici Harrison]. Their crazy, fun-loving personality floats easily through their talent and swagger on stage. Their sound is a pulsating rhythmic wave peaking high and coming at you low. Somers voice and guitar playing leaves your senses buzzing from the perfection that is the two. It puts you in the mood to be apart of her Clinical Trial of sound, willingly strapped to a table. Caryn's drumming is the haunting beat reverberating like a splinter, in the back of your mind. She becomes one with her instruments, sending out her sound-waves like a siren on the rocks, calling you to the brink. Checkout the website, its really stylish without being flashy. On it you can hear some of the tracks. "Discoheadphones" is an electro-infused track that comes across like a glorious tech-rock chant, for a mood throbbing in your mind. It's one of my favorite tracks. "White fence"[rough mix]is a sultry sounding, slightly somber track with a vibrant edgy flow. The tempo, rhythm and and mood is so God damn haunting. Somer Bingham[Bklyn native]is the brain-child behind this fantastic thing that is, Clinical Trials.   Some of the bands influences are Joan Jett, PJ Harvey and Nirvana. "They thankfully take it a step further with confidence to show us the refreshing evolution of where those pioneers have brought us now"[Just another music blog]. Clinical Trials will be on stage @ The "Them" Party: A night of music, film, and performance. Wednesday, July 13th, @ the Public Assembly. 70 north 6th st Bklyn. If you would like to know  Article & Photos by K.K.W. "Art is the reason, Art is the way"
Bruar Falls, one of the scenes of The Northside festival  

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