Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Noon:30 @ The Northside festival

  Showing a bit of their funny side. Perfect for our
first cover. Aissa(top)
 Blue, and Vivianne
It was the last weekend of The Northside festival in Williamsburg Bklyn and noon:30 was on stage @ Bruar falls bar, playing a great set. Once again Vivianne(on drums/visuals), Aissa(on guitar, bass and electric sound), and Blue(on vocals and bass) were plugged into the ever flowing great stream of music. The three were radiating beautiful sound-waves that eclipse's you and leaves you wanting more. Their smash EP is already out for sale through I-tunes and CDbaby with tracks like "French song", with its hard hitting tech-punk rhythm that really gets you up. "Stop-Loss" has the feel of a lovers lament with an awesome electro-bass sound and stellar drumming coming with it. The song has the feel of a chant and an accusation all at once, with only instruments at one point, then the chorus come in(Blue's hard hitting, soft voice): "you have all of me". Haunting, somber, with an air of cool mischief. "Absynthe" is a beautiful abyss of emotion and feeling that can seem like a plea, somber-laced regret, or a crazy oath of affection for someone your trying to reach. You want pulse pounding feelings, multi-leveled harmonics with that laid-back 3 drink feeling? "Crossroads" will take you there(you'll have to find ur own way back). I downloaded it 5 days ago and can't get enough. Noon:30's sound is a blend of tech, punk, rhythm&Blues and the soul of three young women who are walking a path strewn with difficulties. And of course there's the joy, they are one of the best in Bklyn and possibly the U.S. Not everyone knows it yet, but their gonna. The group is currently independent, playing for the fans(next shows are Toronto, ON-Toronto pride: Alexander Parkette and Washington D.C, @ The Velvet lounge). noon:30 is one those great things you come across in N.Y.C(check-out the first post on them[January 2011])that reminds you to go out and find new things, and to support your local Artist's.  Enjoy the video("Crossroads")from that performance @ The Northside festival. "Art is the reason, Art is the way". If you would like to know!/noon30 . Article & photos by K.K.W, video by Menetho1.    

Its always good to take pic's with people who are out going.
You direct less, and snap the sutter to their flow.

A really great show. Thank god it was @ a bar:)
Bruar Falls Bar. Great spot on Grand st, Williamsburg Bklyn
Bruar Falls Bar.

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