Monday, July 18, 2011

BKLYN Calling prt 2

Bedford ave,  G1-1300
South Park Slope, from the roof-tops[This and the next 7 
like it were taken the night, this past summer, 
when fog came in from the waterfront]

Of all the color functions on the IXY, 
color Accent was the best for capturing the scene. 
The look is really interesting
the way the lights are picked-up even more then usual.

[same night of fog] This color function
is meant for foliage in daylight. But at night with fog
it has a beautiful look.


With this setting and some of the
buildings and exhaust-stacks on the roofs,
 it gives the landscape a retro-futuristic
noir feel. South Park Slope 
South Park Slope G1-1306

So far the Canon IXY is the best mini-digital camera
I've used. With the smaller lens you really get some
great trick-shots and close-ups. South Park Slope  

One of the best things in Bklyn is the roof access
you can have. This is overlooking the backyard area
of the main building I was on.
G1-1308. South Park Slope

Overlooking 21st between 7th & 6th aves, South Park Slope

Flatbush ave & Myrtle,
This one of the new buildings you'll see
if you bike in Bklyn. This area is one of the
main bike ways in and out of Bklyn.
This is a shot from my fire-escape
in Bklyn. The image was captured with color accent
function, then altered in i-photo. G1-1311

Something about the green tones with the blacks
 I really like.


Prospect Park. G1-1314

Flatbush ave & Lincoln rd. G1-1315
Flatbush ave & Lincoln rd.
AHa Piponska, a new friend from Macedonia.
That was such a great day.

Newkirk rd, E18th st. This is one of my
bike routes at night.

Newkirk rd, E18th st. G1-1317


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