Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gallery MC: A personal manual for making Architecture

  Gallery MC/Macedonian center of NYC is located @ 549 west 52nd street, 8th floor, New York,
N.Y, 10019. Art director: Gorazd Poposki, Space coordinator: Natasha Simovska-Poposka. The exhibition was for the work of the Metamak Architecture collective(Violeta Bakalcev, Sasa Tasic, Aleksander Radevski, Viktorija, Nikola Strezovski, Betim Zeqiri, Besian Mehmeti, Mihajlo Zinoski, Dimitar Papasterevski, and Damjan Momirovski).Photos by K.K.W: Nikon cool-pix L22. If you would like your event photographed please call 347-328-7903 or

Natasha Simovska-Poposka: Space coorinator
of Gallery MC

Two of the artist in the show(left)with the
Honorable Zvonko Mucunski consulate general
of Macedonia and Gorazd Poposki: Art director of

Ana Piponska, MA, Public relations whiz.

Consulate General Zvonko Mucunski,
and Ana Piponska

Milica Paranosic(Musician: Juilliard),
Gorazd Poposki : Art director of galleryMC

Maria Pavlovska: visual artist

Maria Pavlovska(left):visual artist

Natasha Simovska Poposka: Space coordinator
for GalleryMC.

Ana Piponska: MA, Public relations
and Marketing. 

If you would like to know more about Gallery MC, go "Art is the reason, art is the way"

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