Thursday, September 1, 2011

Status Report: #001-Codename (AHa)

This months cover featuring AHa Piponska
project coordinator for "
Loft in the RedZone"
Its been 7 months since the blog-spot was activated,  in order to understand the artwork and minds of other creative individuals, and promote their work as well. As of June 2011 studiophoenixblogspot is being viewed not only by the United States(which always leads in page-views), a few places in west & eastern  Europe as well. Germany leads in page-views for the west followed by France then Great Britain. Macedonia(FYROM)leads in page-views for eastern Europe followed by Russia. Latvia and and Slovenia are tied for 3rd followed by Ukraine. The blogspot does get page-views and sometimes comments from other parts of the world, China, Japan, Iraq, Iran, however,  it is sporadic. In order for this, our present gains, to be kept and increased, more data is needed, not only from areas where page count is high, also where it's low. This can be achieved by increasing output, minimizing mistakes and utilizing all methods of creativity and directing it at the area, with regularity. So far, page-views by Browers breaks down to Firefox at 27%, Safari at 22% and mobile Safari at 6%(up 5% from May). Page-views by operating system breaks down to Windows at 63%, Mac at 22%, Androids(smart-phones) at 6% and i-pad at 6%(both up 5% from May). In order to increase overall page-views and comments here and abroad, we must increase output coupled with strategic posting based on time, upgrade tech devices(camera's, mobile interface devices, external hard-drives)etc, and post relevant articles in the language of the target area. In addition to all of this a large infusion of Capital is needed to recruit new writers and photographers,  and upgrade our tech. Along with this, minimal advertising via 4x6 photo handouts and maximum flow of electronic advertising using Face, Branch, Link and youtube. In the end, it's all about time and effort. And if 7 months yield can this much through the efforts of one, the addition of people working on the blog will create greater results. "Art is the reason, art is the way".  Article & photo by K.K.W      

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