Monday, September 19, 2011

INNA ROIZIN: Timeless fashion accessories

This months cover featuring AHa Piponska,
she was the project manager for Loft in the Redzone
(on view @ 23 Wall st, until Sept 31st)
She was also PR and production manager for
AKTO contemporary arts festival.
Inna Roizin at work. Photo courtesy of the artist
H-201, "Green forest bag". Jade, crystal, and
freshwater pearls, photo courtesy of the artist.
H-221, "Precious pearl bag".
Pearls, semi-precious
crystal stones intwined with
special unique beads
on organza lining.
photo courtesy of the artist.

One of Inna's cuffs, out for little sun.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
Semi-precious, antique and unique beads collected from all over the world, these are but some of her mediums. Add to this high quality fabrics, practical creative design, a love of nature and your in her world. Custom made evening bags, cuffs, belts, bustiers, one-of-a-kind art pieces and accessories made to order. Inna has also started creating housewares(baskets), masks and items for the head. The spirit of Inna's style is grounded in an old world sense of opulence, with a modern sensibility when it comes to materials and design. She's similar in daring and outlook to Paul Poiret or Jeanne Paquin. In her design of accessories one can see something of the creativity and style of Coco Chanel, who(according to Elieen Collard)took notice of women dressing less extravagantly, due to WW1, and created the new innovation of costume jewelry. She replaced expensive necklaces with glass or crystal beads. "Without grading them to size, she mixed pearls with other beads to fashion original jewelry to be worn with her designs". Inna Roizin's creations seem to belong to past(hand-crafted works of art)and the present(where the past is displayed anew via practical, stylish design). The Roizin line also uses recycled materials in some of their fabrics and at times stones that are compressed. Meaning small stones that would be thrown away as waste, they compress them an create a new stone. If you would like to know more or make a . Article by K.K.W, (quotes were taken from Inna's Bio and articles on Wikipedia) "Art is the reason, art is the way"
Large hand bag, semi-precious stones, beads and fabric.
Photo courtesy of the artist.


Anonymous said...

I like the article my friend, very good writing.
And Inna's creations are stunning.
I think you should add in more of about her,
if you write again.

Aleksander- Bitola

Anonymous said...

very good article, her designs are really cool.
I don't know about comparing her to Coco Chanel,
but I see point:) You have a photo of yourself K.K.W,
i would like to know what you look like:)

Eva- Skopje

Anonymous said...

Wicked cool!, I love her designs:)
A must for the New Year. Very good writing K.K.W.
Please, post photo of yourself K:)

Kaori, Tokyo, Japan:)