Saturday, September 17, 2011


This months cover featuring AHa Piponska,
project coordinator for loft in the
And she was PR and production manager for AKTO
contemporary arts festival.
Inna Roizin at work. Photo courtesy
of the artist.
H-221, "Precious pearl bag". 
Pearls, semi-precious crystal, 
intwined with special unique beads 
on organza lining. Photo courtesy of the Artist

 IR: I was always creative and worked with my hands, started with pottery. I wanted to create statues and figures. This was a unique way to mold items that are usable and beautiful. 

SP:When we create there's always an influence of a similar nature, what is one or some of yours?

IR:I visited a fashion show years ago and saw a cuff Bracelet that I fell in love with and I knew I could make something better. Thats how my line began. Wire and stones, creating a cuff at first, then the items grew into gags, boustier's and art items.

 SP:        As far as presentation via a theme what are one or a few you have done?

 IR:       My theme surrounds color. I tend to see something in nature an recreate what I think is the most fabulous part of what I am seeing and feeling. For example, I saw the most incredible blue water during my travels and I made the deepest blue bag, with baby blue crystals. 

SP:        As your from Europe(Latvia), does any of the ways of Europe or your cultures past, current styles influence your designs?

IR:        I left my country when I was a child. But being from a European culture, I travel often and my travels inspire me to create and to give women beautiful items to hold in their hands when they have the urge. That is my wearable art. 

SP:       Your current creative offerings are bags, belts, cuffs, and Artwork, are you planning on increasing the selections?

IR:       Yes, I already increased to housewares(baskets)and also masks and items for the head.

SP:       Glitz, glam, style, and high-end women's accessories are what can be said of your creations. But why these materials and towards this look?

IR:        Semi-precious stones give me a chance to work with many colors and textures and sizes. I like to use them simultaneously with wire to shape and mold them. They are incredibly beautiful to eye and pleasant to the touch.

SP:       Your bio spoke of you being a "...visionary with a unique sensibility for design and the environment". What does the environment part mean?

IR:        The environment is very important to me, to our children. I use recycled materials in the fabrics that I use and at time stones that are compressed. Meaning small stones that would be thrown away as waste, they compress them an create a new stone.

Inna,  that is amazing, high-minded creative design, and consideration for the environment, your on my favorites list.
Thanks again for taking the time, and keep creating. Cheers!   If you would like to know more, or make a Interview by K.K.W, "Art is the reason, art is the way"            


Anonymous said...

Good interview, I really like her designs, so beautiful.
I would like to no more about her start up process,
what is like when things got moving.


Anonymous said...

Zdravo, kako ste? Really good interview K.K.W, Her designs are to die for:)
I need to get one of those bags!

Dimeska- Skopje

Anonymous said...

Nice interview, I like her designs, "very old school"/"New school", you would say?
You should press for more info in you question my friend, about her environmental views and her production.

Alexander Ares, Athens