Saturday, September 8, 2012

Leni Von Geleva

This months cover, original photo by Matej Bogdanovski,
digital augmentation by K.K.W
"Elegy for the old railway station in Skopje": Except. Photos by Leni Von Geleva ( with Jovana Gajtanovska), text by K.K.W

When I think about it, photography is one of the best mediums. Not only are you able to capture moments, but also to express ideas through the back drop of reality.

Geleva's latest photos, an excerpt from her current exhibition, are at once powerful, full of hidden meaning; a fusion of the individual and its environment. There's a hallowed feeling that courses through every image. A sense of strength that passes from the dilapidated structure (an aspect of the subject/artists environment), to the viewer.

Leni Von Geleva, image courtesy of the artist.
Бришење на сеќавањата - "Erase the Memories"
"Erase the memories" has an extremely dynamic look and feel to both the subject and its environment, both looming proud and strong, if only for a moment - perfect. "Pride or Shame" is like a silent question, the subject peers down at us, her troubled dark eyes constant and piercing like a hawk's, emanating calm defiance. The symmetry, lines, and geometry of the structure behind her re-enforcing her will and focus, almost fusing with the subject.    
Гордост или срам - "Pride or Shame"
The next three images seem playful (the mood having changed from 'elegy') and the subject becoming comical yet still a little serious, suddenly extremely limber. Her outstretched limbs competing with the surroundings for your attention, no longer simply within the scene but an active part of it. Its as if she has forgotten the viewer completely and is in another world within her world. Her limbs seem to have become elongated, exaggerated as if to imply something meaningful or perhaps just a show of strange, alluring technique by the artist. 

Leni Von Geleva's work is evocative of not only her mood about her environment, but of many of those around her. Its a stern unabashed look at reality, though of course, not without a 'dark-comedic' aspect adding to its intensity. She gives to the viewer only so much and expects even more. Why? Why not? 
Исправена - "Erected"
Обземеност - "Obsession" 

Спуштање - "Landing"

Leni Von Geleva, image courtesy of the artist.
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