Saturday, September 1, 2012

Drash Machka

This months cover, original photo
by Matej Bogdanovski, digital augmentation
by K.K.W
"Street art": in Skopje. By K.K.W

Strange images, hidden meaning, bold line work, excellent use of color that pulls you into the work, and at times makes some people stop, think or say WTF! (the sure mark of an artist). 
Image courtesy of the artist
Aside from all this you get a sense that Drash Machka seriously holds to the concept of situating art in a "non-art context" [1] (outside of & beyond galleries). The work is placed anywhere possible, which becomes a sacred place waiting to be found by those bold enough to look for it, or end up there by chance.

Untitled, somewhere in Skopje. Image courtesy of the artist
This generally means its always at odds with its environment, much like its creator, which at the same time keeps it in-sync - part of the amazing paradox of artists in Macedonia. Another main aspect of D.M's style is illustration/visual-storytelling. You have the standard "tag" (the name), and also many pieces that tell a story that some know or can interpret, and other must figure out, if ever. 

You can tell by looking at the work that the creator has natural aptitude for drawing, and coming up with short stories. Although, I would guess he favors a visual storytelling that has few words if any, images that don't really have a beginning, middle or end, yet speaks to you just the same. Pure visuals from the mind. 

Believe it or not there's a strong connection with past in street-art, from eras where most people could not read, but could understand through visuals (danger, sacred places, temples, directional signs, etc). And in our time, thanks to technology, we are a society where people either don't read and or communicate through 2-4 words, feel like they have little time to read, so visuals count for a lot ("Days of the future past" [2]). Drash Machka's art is certainly on-par with the likes of Ces53, Banksy, and many others. 
Image courtesy of the artist

Image courtesy of the artist
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