Saturday, September 1, 2012

Geleva & Altiparmakov

This months cover, original photo
by Matej Bogdanovski, digital augmentation
by K.K.W
"Factories have souls too". Article by K.K.W

Do mechanical and or automated things, metal frames, molten steel, crafted for the needs of, or working for human beings exhibit a soul?
Two artists from Skopje, via their short feature "Factories have souls too"
took the time to explore this topic, and looking at the result you feel what they see. 

Photo from "Factories have souls too"
by Natasha Geleva.
Power, service, production, and creation. Factories are worlds all there own; vast interiors joined together by inter-connecting parts not unlike, a living organism. A heart-beat starts off the audio-visual trip, as we make our way down a walk-way bathed in light, towards the interior.

The format of the film is simple - a series of amazing photographs - which lends itself to the atmosphere and the music. At just the right parts the scenes are 1-2 frame or 3 in succession subtly breaking the transitional flow. The direction works with the environment going from tight shots to medium, wide , panoramic and close-ups. Some of the best scenes are of the forge area of the factory, the blazing bright color of the molten metal against the soot covered portions around it. The music eerily comforting as you look on, an invisible guest in the realm of some Vulcan-like being.    

Aside from the music, which was well chosen, brilliant and suits the subject, there no other sounds, leaving the viewer to imagine the sounds of the factory through the amazing visuals and inner workings. The effect of this is subtle yet powerful, as it creates a haunting feeling that brings the factory to life. The result is that you feel its soul, "Deus ex machina" (god from the machine [1]), or more aptly, "Ghost in the shell" [2].   
Photo from "Factories have souls too"
by Natasha Geleva.
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